First 5* Red hero: Ares or Zim?

Hi guys^^
Just got Ares from Atlantis summon…and now I can’t decide if going for him or Zimkitha as first 5* red…any suggestions?

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That’s a tough choice! It depends on your current roster and what you need. What are your other leveled heroes?

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My unleveled 5* are: Drake, Guinevere, Misandra, Gregorion (looking to build a solid 5* team)
Sartana is at 4/40 and tarlak at 3/70. As 4* I have maxed tiby, merlin,kiril, grimm, jackal,wu, gretle, boldt, wilbur, falcon, hansel, caedmon.

Generally speaking, Ares is the better hero. He’s great in all situations. So I’d not worry about your defense (because he won’t make a good pair with Guin [both are only suited for the tank position]) and still level Ares before Zimkitha. :slight_smile:

Guinevere isn’t leveled. Also I disagree that ares is immediately better than zimkitha due to usefulness in all situations. Zimkitha is also useful in all situations. With fast mana.

Due to lacking a cleanser and AOE hitters I think Zimkitha is the better choice.

The point is that I was suggested to NOT level Guin as first 5* yellow, as it is better to have a hero that can be useful for other things and not only for being a tank…so the tank position is free.

I totally agree! And this is why I’d definitely go with Ares. Ares is a really solid tank (I’m running him myself) and he’s useful in every other aspect of the game as well.

Out of the listed 5 stars I’d probably max: Tarlak, Misandra, Ares, Drake, Sartana

Ares. You’ll end up maxing Zim and only using her for offense when you’re stacking 3+ reds ( and she will do that really well), but Ares will do EVERYTHING really well. You’ll use him for titans, defense, and offense

Ares is a better standalone hero, Zimkitha can’t sustain herself but help with a full status aliment removal and empower the attack on top of that.

If you have troubles against Zeline & CO. then Zimkitha, if you need a red tank for alliance war or you lack red heroes for titans (Zim is worse than Boldtusk here) then Ares.

Id say that Ares sure is nice to have but a fast cleanse is gold.

It is also worth noting that Ares will overwrite Zeline’s debuff and act as a “cleanse” in that situation, though admittedly not as consistently as Zim would due to her fast speed.