Help with red hero's

please help with red team for titan…I am using GM, puss in boots, guardian falcon and marjana…I think I want to replace Marjana because she’s a little weak on her attack…
so I have lady Loki, tyr, zimkitha, mitsuko and baldur
so which hero is better for titan? I just need something for better titan score .

thank you so much.

If it were me, I’d actually probably switch out Puss in Boots with Zimkitha, as opposed to Marjana.

Zim’s elemental link would help replace a bit of the healing Puss in Boots gives, and Puss in Boots’ minions slow everything down, which against the the titan is really important. Also, Zims attack buff would help boost everyone else up to replace and even exceed some the slight tile damage you lose in the difference in their attack stats.


OMG. I envy what you have for reds. I have been playing since Jan 2019 and for Red I have Grazul, JF, and Red Hood. Have 3 khagans, unleveled… really frustrating considering the #1 tank now. I have spent too, chased GM May atlantis and 242 pulls got an elkanen and 2 clarissa.

So, yeah, Zim as fast cleanser and attack buffer is hugely useful in raids as well. Lady loki is really the ultimate cleanser tho w/ lvl 23 mana troop. Tyr is a pain to go against. Mitsuko takes out finley & vela every time… I am so jealous

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Zim. hands down. attack buff and fast mana plus elemental link

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oh ok zim it is, thank you all. I appreciate all the answers :blush:

You only list four heroes, but I assume the fifth is a Miki/Tarlak/Ranvir/Wu. You are also missing a normal defense down hero to stack with Falcon’s red defense down. Assuming you have an attack buffer in that fifth spot, replacing Marjana with Wilbur is the most straightforward thing to do. I actually prefer Athena to Wilbur on green titans because I find her greater D down makes up for dropping a strong color hero, and having two 4s on my team with terrible tile damage makes it rough whenever their specials are down. Of course, Athena isn’t an option for everyone and most people in my alliance get along just fine with Wilbur against 14s.

As for Zim, the only thing you are gaining swapping her in for Puss is the time the minion animation takes up. Puss has greater tile damage and stronger a heal and attack buff. Green titan’s cause attack down, so you don’t need an actual cleanse when Puss will wipe it with his attack up anyway.

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yes I use tarlak, I do have athena I’ve used her a few times and also wilbur but I was looking for a strong attack, I do appreciate your fast respond back thank you so much,

Based on your heroes, I’d advise on using Tarlak, Wilbur, Falcon, GM and Zimkitha.

Wilbur’s defense down will considerably out weigh taking a hero with a higher attack value. Stacked with Falcon’s elemental defense down and Tarlaks attack boost and you should start to see some serious damage.

I’d bench Puss simply because speed is everything for scoring those big titan hits and his minions will slow you down (unless you keep him for tile damage but don’t use his special to avoid the minion delay).

Another option is Scarlett in place of Zimkitha. She has 767 attack value when max level and as a season 1 4* she is fairly easy to get. Wilbur’s share received damage and her attack down will mean she can survive even against pretty high level titans.


Wilbur has the added bonus of spreading the pain to help keep your heroes alive against Titans. Wilbur rules.

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