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Thanks @Rigs - please check your emal.
I was putting in Z I forgot that Zero is @Xero786 - Thanks. @Xero786 - are you guys going to continue maintaining the Grading Spreadsheet that was titled/credited to Anchor?

I honestly haven’t decided yet.


Seeing the players you idolize leaving the game is quite shocking to me :confounded:


@Xero786 - understand. Well before you decide NO, chat with me. Thanks bud.

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Thanks for creating the Hero utility.

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Thanks for the hero utility.

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@Razor. Nice but short visit. U found my small account…try to find the big one :wink: Hope see u soon again!:kissing_heart:


Special Skill Removed...

Then we can use Razor's Edge to determine who is the better choice... as the quess work was removed.

in the case of these three they all have value and certainly who you play and place them with… this is just an example summarized comparing the in a .vs mode

@Sorsha @Manathir @FraVit93 @Garanwyn @Alyssaann1014


Thanks for the info Razor! I feel special… first time you have tagged me in the forum. :joy::kissing_heart:

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ahhhh. You are special! Don’t ever forget it :smile:

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Can you please provide the URL? I’m new to E&P and cannot access using the link above

The site is dw a the moment. RaZoR mentioned it in an earlier post.

Ahhhhh…thanks for letting me know!

Link here:

Summary is that the host had some troubles. The host is GRADUALLY bringing all its clients back online. @Razor just is unfortunate in being one of the “Less Important” ones. All the data etc… is still there, just waiting for it to be brought back online :smiley:


Thanks for this information and looking forward to trying it out!

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@Uw0hila @Guvnor I appreciate your assist on this - very much! Thank you


Costumes added to the Hero Utility - equipped that is.

The figures I have are accurate (they are straight off the full cards themselves.
There is a set of sheets that have been floating around like wild :fire:.

@Guvnor @Uw0hila @Kerrang @Alyssaann1014 @Manathir @Sorsha @nevarmaor @PapaHeavy @AirHawk @Olmor

Following are the 20 summarized
The ordering is by Rarity/Stars and Elements are grouped within. Read Left to Right Top to Bottom.

Costume Wearing

Costume Not Wearing

Please also refer to:


Have they been added to the emblemBoM and have you figured out how you’re going to implement both classes into 1 path?

Btw awesome work with the site, has come a long ways

Found the answer to this in another thread, thanks(answer is yes for anyone wondering)


20 costumes for @Razor


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