Empires & Puzzles - Hero Utility (Bringing it All together for you)


I missed the countdown but love the new look and family feature! Awesome work man, thank you!!


Forgive my ignorance here… but of what value is looking at all 5 heroes of a team together in this manner?

Would it not be better to be able to compare teammates? For instance: I am currently leveling Boldtusk + Caedmon, but I could be leveling Kashhrek + Colen instead. If I could keep the other 3 members of my team consistent, but could compare those two different compositions… THAT would be of great value to me. …as it is, though… do I understand this right in recognizing that this is essentially a reorganization of Anchor’s grading that incorporates your usage statistics?

While it seems an excellent novelty, I don’t know how to use this tool to make me better at E&P. …maybe that’s because I’m not really using 4* and 5* heroes yet…

Also: holy cow! Those images just POP! That design is phenomenal!


Nice! I’ll play around with it once i get a few minutes to think in peace.

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@CheTranqui I’m answering from my phone was asleep, I don’t text well I’m a touch typer…just not on phone

The About is right under the interface both here in the forum post as well the application landing page. You can access the grading scale documentation online through the application or its weekly reporting site which as this post your responding to suggests - is also a users group.

The About makes it very clear what this application is and can do, it is however limited to the thinking of its user.

I guess I should add that whatever browser you are using on your phone, tablet, (ideally your PC should you be fortunate enough to have one)… it should have the ability to open if not itself in multiple instances, yet each instance within it self can spawn several tabbed windows (i don’t care for this restricted viewing option) ptobably the only option on a phone… tablets n PCs - the let you open multiple windows that can work independently of each other (my choice). This will answer your comparing questions. An E&P “Team” on average has 5 members, thus the 5 options. In Wars and Raids same deal, on average your potential opponents, they usually average 5 heroes on their team. You can choose to select 0 from the 5 option lists and click submit, no amazingly detailed and thought out hero will be displayed at the end of that button - however it still gets you access to valuable EnP information! Heck put in 1 or 3 they could be the center from my team and your favorite flank and rear! You usually get what you ask for.



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Hi M!!!

So talk about the Spirit of the Universe giving me something to laugh about!

I responded to this/you almost 12 hours ago…

And the response I got from the Forum was in essence the SAME ERROR MESSAGE you got from the Hero Utility! LOL LOL LOL. Yes they are different, however the context for WHY is the same!

This is going to be an extended response because a lot of people need to know about this issue - it’s not the Hero Utility… if your limited on time or have no desire to be involved in my tech talk - just do what was highlighted in purple in my original response above (if it doesn’t work come back to this)…

RaZoR's Preamble Rant

Our society has gotten so lazy to achieve 'ease of use' they have sold their SOULS to Apple or Google. The Microsoft haters of the world who went rogue with Linux/Red Hat to show the Man (MS) they meant business... I bet you they have installed something off App Store or Google Play - and purchased something there, saved some passwords to avoid logging in over and over, etc (and the list goes on ad infinitum)... Apple or Google knows and has access to everything digital you/we own! Oh, and I sold mine to Google. They know everything about me and love to CAPTCHA the heck out of me (yeah they own that too) - to perform their AI on me because web developers often clear their cache entirely (many times daily - if adding in new content yet the name references to that content don't change - because cache keeps loading up the same crap you just replaced) - I never pass the "I'm not a Robot" because they can't extract enough cookies and browser history on me like the average Joe. Yeah you gave them the right to your information by installing their browser (what is crApples browser called again? oh yeah "You are being sent on a Safari") Oh what's my point? I best get to that, the above might have helped - my original response via email to the Forum that got rejected...


If you saved a link to the Hero Utility on a results page (i.e. Perhaps you put in your main Snipers team and added it to bookmarks) - it will NEVER work and you will always get this error - which as it indicates kind of, you didn't come in the front door. If not, no problem the next one is the big one.


If you are accessing the Hero Utility on your Phone (Again the H.U. was developed to be used on a PC while you were playing E&P - yet also is SmartPhone friendly as I could make it given time constraints) I bet whatever Slimmed down Browser you use, I'm going to go out on a limb: you're in the habit of having a LOT of windows open within that Browser instance? Heck I've had up to 30 windows open in my browser and had no idea (well, I just didn't take the time to close them more than likely)! Some people have MANY more than that open wonder why their phone :iphone: keeps slowing down on a regular basis? :thinking: Well, that there would be the problem... _The Hero Utility isn't just a web site - it's an application_ that runs within a browser - and it manages state through sessions. Sessions timeout to release server resources dedicated to state management, in this case if you have the Hero Utility open for an hour it will timeout and you will receive this message (I will look into extending it - my host just doesn't provide me a direct route to adjust myself beyond what is standard). **So if you have EVER accessed the Hero Utility in the PAST your session for that instance of your Browser has timed out!**

Sessions are tied to the instance of your browser not the tabbed window(s) within it - and there is only 1 instance of a Browser available on a nearly all smart phones.

Where as on a PC you could have Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opra, and Microsoft Edge (just the majors named here) all opened running the same Web application and they all run sessions and state independently . What you did with the Hero Utility in Firefox, has nothing to do with what you did with it in Chrome.

So back to my opening - before cell phones were turned into a mini mobile computer - people could easily see on their PC how many instances of a browser they had open as well the number of windows tied to that instance. And because it was very easy for others to look over the shoulder - people kept their browser areas clean - they closed down windows that weren’t being used as well the multiple instances of browsers they had lying open everywhere… NOT SO WITH THE PHONE. Thus why I get so many people saying they can’t access the H.U. or login to the Members Area.

You have to close EVERY SINGLE WINDOW within your browser to “RE-BOOT” it! You might be saying, screw that - I’m not taking the time to do that LOL, and you know I get it! We are made lazy with ‘opting in’ to save time and we don’t want to clean up our browser trousers, no way :sunglasses: . Well hopefully knowing this you will find it worth your time to clean browser house to use the Hero Utility.


Now if the above doesn't work - then I will be more than happy to further troubleshoot with you if your willing to see if I can fix what may be occuring using whatever browser and version of that browser you might be using that isn't agreeable with my app.

In Closing...

OK! Wow. That was a bit more than I sat down to write - hope all is well with you and whoever may be reading this! If you got this far... OVER and OUT.


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Unique look @ Top 100 LEADERBOARD Hero Usage now Available!

I did more tests with my phone this morning

Direct link (a add a link on my phone interface) : ok
Link via Titan-Mafia : ok
I had just a problem when i use link EP forum


Thank you very much for this!
Could you please explain what the multiple letters mean? I checked the “about” but could not find this information. Thanks

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Absolutely @JackSavage!

If you are using a PC or a Droid Smartphone, hovering over the set of grades will reveal their short descriptions.

At the lower left of the Hero Utility results page, there are a set of links* (you will need to zoom in). Click the [GRADING SCALE] link.

Each valuation section is defined. The first section is Grades.
Click the ‘Anchor’s Complete Guide to Hero Grades’ link.
This will take you to the source definitions for the grades.


* you will also see a [LATEST REPORT] link - this gives you access to raw data tables that are not visibly provided on the TitanMafia Reporting Site (though links are present to them) - they were intended to be an extension of the Hero Utility itself.


Outstanding! Thank you very much for your time!

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The Period in Review: Dec 28 - Jan 6th

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Great job brother , checking already with smile :smile:

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Thanks Razor :slight_smile:

20 whatever

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Thanks Razor for your effort.

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Thanks @Razor! Had a great chat with you and @Jedon. And Jedon, i was just gonna ask if you were smoking hookah while drinking your coffee :wink:


Yup, we call it Shisha in Arabic xD


Yay. Kashrek made ONE cumulative appearance in the Hero Utility. :blush:


@Rook is also part of the Kashrek gang :wink:


I have 4…I want 5!