📯 Ratatoskr – Season 3 Hero – 5* Nature/Green: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I’ve just thrown him in at 2.60 (seriously) and turned in a better score than usual.
Tarlak does his bit, Locke+11 and Mel+19 throw in big tile attack too and Buddy sweetens the deal - if only Evelyn didn’t hate me so… :wink:

Do you mana-pot him to save the green board or just organize the board before firing him?

I’ll mana pot for the Rat if there’s significant amounts of green tiles ( usually do Tarlak and Rat together) and you just see those lit tiles hit big. Some say don’t use the resources but personally my blue titan has always been the weakest… so it’s nice to be able to achieve over 30k hits by doing this- the odd time you’ll get a massive hit ( I’ve never had massive hits in blue)… so, yeah I can see when I get the tonics throwing them at the Rat. Plus, for war an average speed healer with a side bonus for a special ( I’ll just run him with 2 more greens) isn’t a bad thing at all. Monk class for me is weak… so just another excuse to go for it

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And then there’s that new “Frigg” hero coming out… I’m thinking he might go well with the Rat and cause a few threads to explode lol

I think Frigg is Odin’s main squeeze, Baldur’s moms and Thor’s stepmom. Any idea what she’s supposed to have as her special?

Frigg Beta Info & Stats

Rarity: Legendary/5*

Attack: 753
Defense: 760
HP: 1320

Class: Rogue
Realm: Alfheim
Element: Nature/Green

Mana Speed: Fast Average Fast [Frigg was changed from Fast to Average, and then back to Fast]

Special Skill: Brittling Force

  • Deals 80% damage to all enemies.
  • Deals additional 22% damage per each Nature shield on the board, up to 256% damage in total.
  • All enemies get -8% defense, and a further -6% -4% decrease per each Nature shield on the board for 3 turns, up to -56% -44% defense.
  • All enemies are immune to new buffs for 3 turns.

Stolen from:

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Very interesting…that would be a nice combination indeed.

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Just a fun fact for those who don’t have Tell but do have Rat. I used a Rat +12 tank in war for about a month and was only one shot twice.

I flanked her with Vela and costume Richard. It’s a really annoying setup for the opponent because they have to either go all in on red to kill Rat, in which case Vela and Richard are going to neuter their attack value and do heavy damage if they don’t get a great board, or throw a 3-2 red-green combo, in which case Rat debuffs all their green shields if she fires–which she’s more likely to do with only three red attackers.

A lot of people in the poll suggested she’s a good flank for a blue tank (and she is) but she’s also a surprisingly good tank.

Almost hate to tip my cap on this one, since she’s being completely overlooked, but do not underestimate Rat’s potential on defense.


Finally came across a blue titan. Want to see if I can make a gem, put a bunch of green on the board, fire up Wu, Rat and bear banner, trigger the gem and watch destruction unfold.

Ranvir - Ratatoskr - Evelyn - Greg - Tarlak

Charge up, use a few scrolls of alteration, make the board 75% green tiles, kaboom.

200k hits easily.

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What exactly does the scroll of alteration do?

You’ve done this for 200k hits … or you thinking it’s going to happen like that?

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Why use Ranvir when you have Tarlak and then why not use Telluria for the 10 crit for 6 turns… 25k hits BOOM!!!

So me being the dumb@$$ that I am (I’m still bad under pressure in Titan hunt), the one time I get a hold of a gem, I forget to activate Wu :man_facepalming:
I can only imagine what the damage could be like.

This is Telly’s crit chance, Rat’s “Deez Nutz of Yggdrasil” at lvl 1 (just got him), and a Bear Banner. The affected tiles seem to hit with anywhere from 670-720 damage. My green stack is pretty weak anyways, my lineup is:

Name (tier.level/special)

Telluria(3.53/7)-Wu Kong(3.26/5)-Brynhild(3.60/8)-Ratatoskr(1.19/1)-Caedmon(3.60/8)

I’m not sure but I’m not seeing much of a difference between rat at 370 and Caedmon. Anyone else seeing the same thing?

In stats terms, not much difference.

Ratatoskr has a FAR more powerful special, especially on titans and especially when run in heavy green stacks - a well timed special with a diamond and lots of green on board is huge.

In terms of titan score? Obviously it depends on your team, but I see noticeably better scores with ratty

How would Rat work in defence? I understand it is not his primary job but could it work with a blue tank?

One thing I like is that it’s not that easy to stop his special. With all the Malosis, Grazuls, and debuffers out there it’s fairly “easy” to stop or limit many specials, i.e. costume Rigard, Telluria, Guin, Kunchen. You cannot do that to Rat. On the other hand, his special requires some timing and we all know how AI works.

I’m very happy to have got this hero, since I didn’t have any 5* healer BUT… the secondary effect which empower green tiles, seems to me to be a very cool idea but weakened by the fact that I can only empower existing tiles visible in that moment… I would suggest to convert all red tiles in green-boosted tiles too, this would strengthen the effect in attack and in defence, without OP, I think.
Another, different, option: extend the effect for all green tiles which appear in… 3 turns and the boost would stay even after 3 turns

IMo he is very underrated here on forums, he is great hero very usefull with very cool effect. Also being a monk helps in class quest ane he is a monster in green stacks in wars


Right I gave an issue I managed to pull myztero on the legends pull and then on the recent valhalla I pulled the squirrle now I dont know who to ascend as my healer on my main team is currently costume melendor as I dont have a 5 star green healer really dunno what to do should I acend ratatoskr? Or myztero?

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