Rare titans, best way to fight them?

Hi, my alliance has a rare titan up (Harpie), can anyone suggest the best way to beat it ? or any ideas at all will be appreciated, thanks in advance

You got to do more damage than the number of hit points the titan has.

Really just the same as any other titan fight. They tend to be a bit tougher for sure, so plan your teams accordingly. Heroes that can reduce the titans defense, heroes that can raise your teams defense/offense, tends to require battle items (items best suited really depend on the team you take), and probably most importantly…do NOT take the reflect color of the titan. If they reflect red, do not use red heroes.

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Hi, and ok thank you , I will use ypur advice, I appreciate it , thanks again

There is a Titan Dream team post you can review for ideal team builds vs titans. Rare or regular titans makes no difference really, except you need to remember the reflect color on the rares…


Remember that rare titans have same color reflect like the events - so they will take 0 damage from same color tiles, which means you cannot stun them with same color tiles or hit them with specials.

So for example even if you have athena, leave her on the bench vs rare blues, etc.

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And energy flasks inly use for rare titans, whole alianse should do that

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