If you're stuck on the harder levels

Kudos to @Coppersky for bringing up the importance of a thread like this. I run a decent team that with patience, got me above 3100 trophies and into the top 10 (this did not last long, hahahaha). But province 21 hands my butt to me with this team.

I tend to run a very different team for high level provinces.

This is FAR easier to run provinces with, despite being 150 team power lower. Don’t rush to use your specials, bring antidotes, bring potions for the odd chance you get stuck with no heals coming in, and you CAN do this with lower quality heroes.

Heroes like Kailani 3* can be critical, as typically, spike damage (large damage to one player) is what will hurt you the worst. Try to pick heroes that work with each other in terms of good synergy. IE, someone that debuffs the opposing team, like Ulmer 3* and someone that gives you an attack buff.

All of us tend to run into hard spots where we feel like we can’t progress well, and for that I recommend the following: don’t give up, raise new heroes on the side to have a varied team! It can feel rewarding and fun to farm lower levels while building up heroes on the side to help you progress further! You may even find a new play style you love! (double healer, riposte, 5 attackers, etc)


Is this the post you’re talking about? Thanks for starting this!! I was just looking at doing one for the very hard level on the rare quests, but you’re right, it’s really tactics for all hard levels!


One tactic that’s very effective, is to kill all but one monster in the wave. (Usually leave one at the side myself.) Then proceed to fill your heroes specials and heal up with a healer by doing gem matches without hitting the last opponent. When you’re ready, kill it and move on.

Really helps if you have something that will weaken all of your opponents attacks at the beginning of a fresh wave!!

And spirit link is absolutely perfect for those evil one shot bosses at the end of the hardest quests! If you can keep feeding Gunnar or Kaliani mana, and have a healer to back them up it makes a big difference!

There’s a lot more that I’d like to add in time, like specific strategies like bring antidotes against certain bosses that cause debuffs, or “priming all your specials” before a boss, when to (gasp) run two heroes of the same color, and important general tips like “ghost attacks” to make sure you can cap those specials… but though that’s a brief summary, there’s a lot to explain about when and why!

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This is the place!! we can sum it up later and make it into a guide. :grin:

Hi i am on provance 22 stage 3 now what i did to get there and i only have 4 star team i treated them like i would with my titan i look at the element and set up my hero to the one that will br stronger to rhe monster like for example fire monster use blue hero they do 2x damage drop your nature ie green hero they are weak to fire monster

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I finally made it through 21 with only a 2700 level team by strategically leveraging Brienne’s boost (similar to what Coppersky mentioned above), and using banners, revival scrolls, manna potions, and bomb attacks.

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Here’s the Mt Umber Baddies. Single shot hitters. I wimped out and brought Gunnar along to spread out the damage.
I think I only ended up using one time stop and a smidge of mana. Used 2 blues to increase the tile damage, and wasn’t thinking that Gunnar would actually be alive by the last wave. Planned on letting him get killed and just bring him back when I needed him.


Totally agree. They just say to me do lower levels. I mean come on for all they know a little repositioning and few potions and your good.

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