Bombing, or how to beat a hard quest stage without proper heroes

This topic is again for those with poor hero rosters - the beginners or slightly intermediate players who don’t pay tons of cash for summons and/or have not so good luck summoning or training heroes. Older players may disregard this as it is not meant for them.

Decided to share my own experience for completing hard maps with underling heroes or underpowered heroes in general. Hope other players could use that info for their benefit.

So, in short, what is bombing?
Bombs are items which inflict direct damage upon your opponent, such as Arrow Attack for example.
There is a number of these items produced by the Forge, namely:

Lvl 4: Arrow Attack, 100 power
Lvl 8: Axe Attack, 200 power
Lvl 12: Bomb Attack, 300 power
Lvl 16: Dragon Attack, 400 power

What are they used for?

Rare quests stage 4 and Find Recruits part II last fight can be hard. If you go in with a team of snipers however, and manage to survive the monster waves on minor and healing potions, and go into the boss fight, a batch of Arrow and Axe attacks quickly take care of this which could otherwise seem exhausting and at times impossible.

Rare quests stage 5 - if the only thing the player has access to are S1 3* heroes and possibly a 4* at 3/60, the only way to beat the last stage of the rare quest is colorstacking + having 2 healers (to survive the monster waves) + bringing a batch of Arrow + Axe + Bomb attacks to the bosses, which will reduce their HP to 407 each for some final tile damage.

Trials quest last stage - these heroes often seem too tough to beat. Too high defense…thankfully the bomb items disregard defense. Those Trials heroes have 3907 HP each…which means that a set of Axes + Bomb + Dragon attacks will make short work of them.

Now I am fully aware this is expensive. Then again, who doesn’t want to trade some farmable materials like iron and midnight roots for some 3* and 4* unfarmable ascension mats, Epic Troop Tokens or emblems? And for the more experienced players sitting on rich hero rosters - remember that with limited hero options, the best and often only way to complete harder maps is using much more items. It’s easy enough not to use items when one has a set of fully leveled and ascended heroes for a certain trial…


You’d be surprised how often I quote this in real life as well :joy:

Covers a heck of a lot of situations…


I would not generally concur that carpet bombing stages to progress through the map is a good use of resources.

However I do agree that using items to finish the quests mentioned is a good return on investment. So I found the thread title confusing.

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What I meant is that for newer players the hero roster is often not rich enough to ensure them victory without said items on listed above maps. And most of the time only bombing is the way they can do it.

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I’m with Tess on that point. Bombing your way to complete a Rare quest, Trial or Event is a good use of these resources because the return is worth it earlier in the game.

I don’t see a point in bombing through S1, S2 or even S3 as you aren’t getting a good return on that resource investment. Midnight roots and Grimoire dust are rare ingredients that you will need and want in the late game (I’m nervous at only having 500 of each right now).

Eventually you will grow your teams to be able to complete them normally which is a grind we’ve all done.

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Correct. Probably should name the topic “how to beat hard quest stages” instead.

Edit: Fixed.


Nice guide, I would add time stops can be incredibly valuable for beating out of your league quest stages as well and legendary of challenge events. Prevents their specials from firing and even delays normal attacks a few turns, gives you the time you need to rework the board and charge your specials. Also mana control heroes, even someone like costume Renfeld and Pixie can give you a real edge against those hard bosses. Don’t ever let them fire a special!

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