Ranvir – New June 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

Wouldn’t it be funny if Mok-Arr got hit by teammates ripostes? I could just see him now, using a Ranvir’ed up dark wave only to deal himself 3k damage in ripostes completely obliterating himself.

I feel like the Ninja Turtles reject would kinda deserve that.


What is the icon for Ranvir’s special? Because it has different rules from Gambler’s, would it also stack with Wu for Titans?

As said several times, his special does not stack with other hyper attack buffs, eg Wu, Tarlak and Brienne. Those will replace each other.


Yes it is very different. I’ve won several raids beceusa he didn’t miss. That’s fantastic and he is applying extra demage to adv strong in health. It’s fantastic raiding with ranvir

Yes but it stacks with zimkitha or boldtusk. And it’s awesome…

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Berserk buffs (Brienne / Namahage / Khiona) do stack with Gamble / Mystic Virtue: 📑 Status Effects - Buffs and Ailments. Berserk buffs are not overwritten by the dice buffs. However they are overwritten by any other attack buffs and ailments.

Technically the dice buffs also do stack with Tarlak, but that is not a good stack. Tarlak’s normal attack up buff forces a 160% attack cap, so it ends up being a really bad combo:

  • Ranvir alone = 195% attack boost with -35% accuracy ailment
  • Ranvir + Tarkal = 160% attack boost with -35% accuracy ailment

So Tarlak and Wu Kong / Ranvir shouldn’t be used together; either one or the other.

@TheSchmoo in the link I provided above you can see which buffs overwrite each other. If it’s not listed, then it stacks. As you can see, Wu and Ranvir do overwrite each other, so they don’t stack.


Comments from a bunch of people who haven’t used him? Lol, give it time. People will start complaining soon.

He does looks promising on the card.
Gamers who used to Wu’s missed usually didn’t mind having Ranvir around.

Did someone already tried him with Onatel? Her “Resist Blind” ability might be nice to mix with Ranvir’s attack buff.

It should but Onatel isn’t a heavy hitter

True. But with extra buff she is nearly there.

This has already been tested with Gambler’s Stance. Onatel still misses. Because Mystic’s Virtue/ Gambler’s Stance is a buff, Onatel’s Resist Blind specifically excludes it. If I Recall Correctly, it is even mentions in the resist text.


Yes is good. Also I stack with Drake. Too. Ranvir Drake and onatel. What a trio

Does anyone have a picture of what the card looks like at 3.70? I can see some folks who aren’t on crazy hard titans using him at that level, since his special is better than Wu’s.

Actually, because Ranvir’s buff (and debuff) only apply when your hero has less HP than the defender’s hero, wouldn’t Tarlak’s buff apply, unhindered by the dice, until your hero loses HP? At that point it would then be 165% with the -35% accuracy. But, you could choose when to toss each buff (so leave Tarlak powered up once your team gets low on HP)


Has anyone checked to see if Gato can stop the accuracy debuff the way he stops the bunnies defense debuff from going into effect?

He can’t, it’s an all inclusive buff, if he stopped the poor accuracy, he’d stop the increase in damage as well.


It’s 160% stackable attack max for Tarlak’s buff.

Yes, the HP condition has to be met for the Ranvir buff to apply. That’s still 160% attack maximum, as opposed to 195% with just Ranvir’s buff.

Tarlak + Ranvir is difficult to manage and set up, not effective nor worth it when there’s better options available.

You generally don’t pick and choose who the enemy hits, making it unpredictable to prepare for when your HP will be lower. It’s even more difficult to manage those skills together because Tarlak also casts a passive HP recovery which would eventually bring your HP higher than the enemy.

You’re better off using Tarlak + Boldtusk, which gives a 148% attack buff at all times, it’s not 160% but it’s very close. If you’re fortunate enough to have both, Tarlak + Khiona can bring her and two other heroes to 145% attack + one more hit caps it at 160% already, which again is active at all times and is much more reliable to set up.

Not to mention it’s better to combo Ranvir with those two heroes as well… with Boldtusk you get a 48% attack buff at all times but a massive 243% buff with a -35% accuracy penalty when enemy HP is higher, because there’s no attack cap there.


Take a look at these numbers:

ATT: 646
DEF: 658
HP: 947
POWER: 667

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Thank you for sharing that!

So by taking Ranvir at 3.70 over Wu, we are giving up some attack and health for a faster/better special, higher defense, and an element link that protects a holy stack from dark damage. We are also giving up any advantage that emblems might provide.

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