Magni question

I am not sure if this is a bug or not.
Just raided vs Magni.
I hit him with Tibertus special Ramming pulverizer:
) Deals 295% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby tagets
)The target and nearby enemies get -34% defense for 6 turns.

Magni was in centre spot and almost full mana.
I fired tibertus and the next action is Magni doing his special.

What I noticed is that the defence lowering was dispelled and replaced with Magni’s +63% defence for 4 turns. (as well for the 2 next to him).

Opponent had Rigard in his team but I am 100% sure he did not fire his special.
Others in his team Li Xiu, Khagan and Caedmon.

So is it as intended that the -34% get ‘overwritten’ by the +64%? Or is this really a bug?


Yes it’s intended, you can dispell a minus defense debuff by applying a defense buff and vice versa. Thats aint a bug. Same thing for attack, mana generation…


I have to admit to missing this.

When any ramming pulverizer throws the defense debuff, it can be immediately over-written by Kiril’s defense buff. Or, Wilbur can strip Magni of his defense buff and further debuff him.

Are those statements correct?


20 characters…

Yes. It can be quite useful strategy to bring along a buffer who specifically counters a particular opponent’s special, instead of a generic cleanser like Rigard.

How are elemental buffs handled? Say Domitia’s special triggets giving a defense buff vs holy only, does a buff that specific dispell the same way?

I know elemental buffs and debuffs work the same way - as long as it’s the same color. I haven’t tried different color debuffs, but I assume they stack instead of countering each other.

Yes, exact buffs counter debuffs. So if you have Falcon vs Morgan, Falcon’s special applies a debuff to fire. Morgan casts and flips that to a buff against fire. But if Morgan also has Gormek’s generic defense debuff, her buff doesn’t flip that.


Thx all

Still not

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