Raids question..

I cannot seem to figure this out!? I seem to easily beat higher ranked players but then lose to lower ranked players, sometimes viciously. Or I will just lose all the time to any and all :rofl: They seem to be inconsistent most times. I have relied upon the global rank, team power and # of trophies. I also look at the ascend levels of the opposing heroes. Any thoughts or advice? Am I missing something…

Not necessarily. Yesterday, I lost to all and sundry. This morning I was all wins. Exactly same team. (I’m Defense only, for the most part.)

I say pick your battles carefully. How well do you know the heroes and their weaknesses?

Have you seen this?

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It’s heavily luck based. So you just have to decide what you’re after: filling the raid chest, getting ham/iron or cups. I try to keep my cups up so I go for cup losses of 20 or less almost regardless of the opponent’s strength.

I say almost because a fully ascended alberich is a potential nightmare, especially if paired with ares. Speaking of which, if you kill heroes and they’re resurrected by alberich you don’t get credit for those kills (for the raid chest). That’s a small thing I’d like to see corrected.

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Won’t be corrected. Game only counts deaths at end of March. Otherwise you could repeatedly kill heros and fill your chest in fewer flags

Remember that players may “drop cups” by putting up weak defensive teams, then come in with their strong offense and fill their hero chest more easily. So the trophy count may not accurately reflect the potential of any player.

But, as noted above, there’s a lot of luck in raiding, good and bad.

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This is correct. Just realize that when you defeat someone who has an obviously weak team that they will be returning with their real team for revenge later on. You can decide whether it is worth taking the loss later for the win at the present time. I’ll avoid attacking people with a single 1 star hero as it does not fill my raid box. If they have a ton of resources available for me to take, then I’ll reconsider, but most of the time that’s not the case.

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My 2 cents, based on raiding everyday on the past couple of months…I wouldn’t worry about it…Just fill your chests up. You can use the strategy mentioned above and just keep filling up those chests. Get your ascension materials to level up your heroes to their max and I wouldn’t worry about rankings etc unless you’re serious about it and have a maxed out competitive team to compete, you’ll get eaten alive otherwise…I’ve been dropping trophies the same way, with a basic defense team and I fill up 1 to 2 raid chests daily when I go raiding with my stronger offense team. As many many others do…

I would like to see us have 8 raid flags so I didn’t have to wait to fill the chest…

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Since when do you raid Rook? Thought you avoided it like the plague lol

I said “I’m Defense only”, though I have stabbed at it here and there. My example above was 100% defense though. :wink:

That would be nicw. Even as late game incentive lile a flag at 40 and one at 50

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