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Hi all,

I’m sure I’m the 4,996,307th person to ask for advice but I’m really struggling to get a decent Raid streak going. Whenever I reach Diamond level it seems like I become an instant target - I get raided multiple times overnight by teams with far more trophies than me and I end up spending hours, even days, getting back. At this rate, I’ll never get the required amount in Path of Valor for Diamond Raids.

These are my top heroes currently. Any recommendations as to the best Raid Defence Team?




Nice growing roaster you have there.

I would try the following:

Clarissa/Scarlett/kiril/little john/malosi

Once Telly is ready tank with her and move Kiril to Right Flank

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Sorry to clarify


Kiril def and att up will serve you well

I would suggest a bit different approach.

I don’t suppose you’ve been stockpiling on raid energy flasks? If so, now may be a good time to use them.

Second option is to have a friend help you keep your game running overnight so you never go offline and thus don’t get raided.

Third option is to stay below diamond, in high platinum, then hit diamond only to open your chest and then use a Raid tournament to get your PoV wins. A raid tournament win still counts as a Diamond arena win, provided you are in Diamond the moment you score that win.

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Oh for heaven’s sake - what an idiot I am. My screenshot missed out my top level heroes… please see below!

(Have edited original post as well.)

Lol… now my response looks really useful :man_facepalming: no worries

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Harsh language will kill a flank Scarlett!

Lol I know right. I hadn’t realised she had more hero’s to pick from :man_facepalming:

Unfortunately this game is built so you loose cups when logged off. Even top defenses ultimately loose cups - its just that top ones have a better opportunity to hold steady longer and occasionally get a cup gain. My current defense sits around 2700 cups if i don’t do anything, but that is due to a few factors that you have to focus on. 1) getting/pulling good defense heroes 2) maxing emblems on your defensive line (node 20 for ALL defense) and 3) leveling up your troops

As your roster stands now, I’d test this out as my line (you will have to work on leveling some of these heroes):

Clarissa - Isarnia-C - Kashhreck-C - Neith - Gefjon

Also test with Glenda as faster heroes are going to be better

Clarissa - Glenda - Kash-C - Neith - Gefjon

Focus on maxing their emblems to 20 nodes and leveling up your troops. Troop goal should be making all as high as you can get them but level 11, 17 & 23 are good targets.

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