New player seeks raiding advice

First post here, looking for advice as none of the threads I’ve found shed light on my problem.

I’ve been playing for just under 3 weeks, slowly levelling a small group of heroes and reaching the silver arena a few days ago. I’m now on around 800 trophies, give or take a hundred or so.

I’m starting to find raiding really difficult, as I can’t find an opponent with similar team power to me, even after several re-rolls. Even opponents with a lower trophy count than I have seem to have stronger teams. I did wonder if I’ve seen somehow gone higher than my team justifies, but the team is winning against invaders so I don’t think the team is the problem, even if the AI is better at guiding it than I am.

After reading some of the raiding advice I thought I’d just give up hope of actually winning and just try to kill a hero or two for the chest before being wiped out. But I’m having difficulty doing even that.

As I only have 7 usable heroes I can’t choose my team to respond to my opponents (though I’ll certainly revisit that advice when I get to that stage). But I’m wondering if I should be arranging them differently or if there’s something else I need to take account of. Or should I just accept that I’m in an awkward spot and that I won’t be able to raid until I’ve strengthened my heroes?

I have:

Hawkmoon (fully maxed)

Gunnar (Tier 3 Level 24)
Ulmar (Tier 1 Level 1 - I’ve been wanting to max Gunnar first)

Elkanen (Tier 2 Level 15)

Bane (Tier 3 Level 35)

Tyrum (Tier 3 Level 1)
Layla (fully maxed)

In defence I arrange them Hawkmoon - Elkanen - Gunnar - Bane - Tyrum.

In attack it’s usually the same, though for Titans I replace the colour weak against the Titan with a second hero of the strong colour.

It’s going to be a few days before I reach TC 13 so I’m planning to use elemental summons to get another red hero next before my roster is overrun with red feeders. After that I’ll be aiming to get another yellow and another green.

if you want my advice…put a 1 hero team as your defense, log off, then login back in after hour or 2. you’ll drop down to teams you can easily beat again. choose opponents that give you good cup amounts so u can hopefully be back in silver by the time you fill chest.

very common strategy. biggest reason i dont hang in the top 100 players is due to difficulty filling chests. i climb up then intentionally drop back down

I don’t see anything you’re necessarily doing wrong. It sounds like your f2p so it just takes a grind. Gunner or Bane is a fine tank for now. Turin is also a good one that you may want to keep for rare events. Do you know about ghosting tiles? Activate specials sooner? Could be a little strategy or just more grinding to get stronger.

Cup dropping? That is one strategy. I personally like to stay as high as possible - challenge myself. But this is a common approach.

@Fethyn So you now have two different perspectives. I don’t think either is wrong. Hope this helps.

Ah, so that’s what people mean by cup dropping! Thanks for the suggestion - I may do that if I get desperate for resources, though set against that the psychological itch the game scratches for me kind of prefers the feeling of going up than going down. :wink:

What surprised me is that there doesn’t seem to be the option of picking weaker opponents for a slow grinding ascent, as there was at lower cup levels. I suppose the strong teams at low cup levels could all be people who have cup dropped, but then wouldn’t I be seeing their weak offline teams?

Thanks - yes, I’m f2p, or c2p. I bought the intro pack and just signed up for the second builder (and gems for the elemental summons). I know about ghosting tiles, though that does require killing at least one of the opposition!

Good to know I’m not missing anything obvious - guess I’ll keep grinding until I have a few more heroes and can try different arrangements.

depends. strong players quit the game too. everyone goes up and down anyways, and everyone hits a ceiling where it becomes harder to fill chests. my suggestion would be to cup drop, fill your chest, then raid the way you normally would after chest is full, then couple hours before next chest is ready to start, drop your cups back down again. rinse, repeat.

not using a cup dropping strategy because you feel like that’s slacking, is like not replaying easy levels on the world map for the same reason.

tomato tomoto

If you are cheap to play, there will be a gem offer very soon of 5 separate offers of 200 gems for 99 cents.

DO NOT spend them in elemental. There is Guardians of Teltoc event and Halloween event. Do not let itch overcome sense

I agree that cup dropping is a good answer, think of it more as a “balancer” you still get to raid and climb as high up as possible but you’ll also drop back down to a level where you aren’t struggling to fill your raid chest. My only suggestion is to put in 5 weak heroes just as a courtesy so people can fill their raid chests too. It’s up to you whether you want to revenge or not.

The others have given great advice re cup dropping etc. As @ThatGuy said, we all hit ceilings at various points in this game, before breaking through to the next level. I seem to remember one being around the stage you are at as well.

I’d like to come back to your heroes. I think you are using a great lineup for the heroes at your disposal. The combination of Gunnar and Hawkmoon will serve you well for a while yet. Bane is a must. Tyrum is a great fast hitter who dispels. And you are lucky enough to have scored a five star fast hitter! The way you have arranged them is good. And it’s great to hear that you are already experimenting with colour stacking against titans.

You should consider building a group of max level 3* - at least two of each element - for use in Rare quests and events. They will stay in your roster well into late stages of game.

If you are lucky enough to get more 4* & 5* heroes, by all means level them, but do try to get this baseline 3* roster. They will help in every aspect of the game, from the Map, to titans to Alliance Wars.

You are in a much better state and better informed than I was three weeks in!

Good luck


One other piece of advice I will offer is this: look for opponents with 2 yellow heroes or a yellow tank. Take 2 purple heroes against them.

For your defense team, I would shift them slightly
Left to right Hawkmoon, Tyrum, Bane, Gunnar, Elkanen

Gotta ask why Elkanen would not go in center. If you are feeding him, he should be even in hp and will be almost 200 hp better than Bane when reaching 2^60 vs Bane maxed

Personally, I think elk at center could be fine but look at stats. You’re obviously still leveling and your at an early stage. He should be a challenge for those you face. As you get higher, things will change, especially if he sits at 2.60. Bane is a good 3* tank though - don’t discount him. Also remember that your tank not only takes hits but gets his special charged faster so look at how that hits too.

Elk 2^60. 473. 550. 888

Bane 3^50 469 410 693

Elkanen has self heal

Bane blinds 33%

Both fast 300 to target

Elk is tank

I see no argument with your logic. I just didn’t know the stats off hand. I would agree with your assessment.

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Thanks everyone for your advice - lots to think about there. @ThatGuy I think my error was in focusing more on the ranking than the matching aspect of cups, so thanks for showing me a different perspective. I’m now much more relaxed about losing cups and bouncing around the 800s enjoying raiding a lot more.

@littleKAF I hadn’t fully appreciated that the tank gets charged faster. I’ll try Elkanen in the centre and see how it goes.

I got to TC13 a few days ago so once my new 3* and 4* are fed I should soon have more choice of heroes to play with different line-ups.

What do you mean “log off”? Is there a log in/out button?

to log off means to exit the game but yes there is a log off button in the options menu. the cog at the bottom of the screen if you click the 2 small dots to the far right bottom corner of the screen

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