Wrong Raid Opponent Selection?

I asked the support about the raid opponent selection strategy and I got the kind answer, this is based on the amount of trophies.
Well. Do you think, it is OK? Day for day I face opponents with the (approx.) same amount of trophies having but an outrageous more powerful army!
Fights are decided primarily by the army power, secondarily by the table’s luck, NEVER but of the trophies. It does not matter if I “could” win more trophies if I do not have the lowest chance to win against a more powerful army!
I tried several time — had been just frustrated facing the cheapest duck hunting…

Do you think, the raid shall better based on the ARMY POWER instead of trophies?

If there is a bad player, having a 4000+ army, who always loses against others having the same power. He than will fall down by his amount of trophies to the “intermediate” trophies level where he will win ALL (!) fights against the less powerful teams.
Do you think, it is OK?

By the way, I’m even not sure E&P’s raid opponent selection works correct.
Today I got a team with 200 trophies (2139 vs. 1973) more advanced and with a team power more than 700 (sevenhundred!!!) points higher (4156 vs. 3358) than me.

Your thoughts about, please?

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