Raid Defense Team Formation

Hey everyone, I just have a question. I attached screenshots of my current raid defense team and I just wanted to know 2 things

  1. How would you line up the heroes in formation
  2. I’m conflicted between using Wu Kong or Li Xiu. Wu is great but isnt very dependable because of his accuracy.

Thanks in advance!

My friend, always you have to notice 3 things when formating a def team.
1- Special skilles goes from left to right.
2- Don’t put 2 heroes of same color side by side, thats how your opponent will easily targetting them. So put Li Xui in place of Buddy.
3- Put the heroe with higher defense in Center /Tank then the less abit defense in flanks and the weaker in wings.
So depends on your roster or this very team … I think at this point Grimm has more defense than Li Xui … but after maxing Li she will have more defense than Grimm.
But I am not sure if Buddy has more defense than Grimm at this point or not.
A screen shot of both will be great.

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