Defence team for attack buff 4 stars

Hi guys

I wonder about my defense team… I think this will be good for this tournament of 4 stars attack buff


Come join the main discussion here

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It’s up to people if they prefer to discuss in the main thread or have a separate thread in #gameplay-help-tactics :slight_smile:

The main thread has been pretty active and responsive, though.


I did not know that! Now I’ll leave even more suggestions to your discretion.


I moved the thread to #gameplay-help-tactics when it was first created. If you happen to notice that I’ve moved or renamed a thread, that’s a good indication I avoided merging it intentionally. Otherwise you can always tag me to suggest it. :slight_smile:


Wu is VERY squishy. Although I see your other choice is Jackal, equally squishy. Too bad no Li Xiu. She’d fit in there nicely.

That is why i thought to put him near tank. Maybe he will have a chance to shoot once…

But she is slow no?

In the regular i have 3 tier justice so i dont need usually another aoe hitter

She is my main tank with bt

Maybe i can put 2 purple. Rigard ans tibertrus

And I can bring no yellow tobl the party even thou…

My level wu has 572 defence and 922 heart. So compared to ny other options and my level he has preaty good defence…

Li Xiu is average and also makes a decent tank. I’d replace Wu with Justice or Li if you have her? She also cuts mana by 20% for ALL enemies. Just my opinion but I’d use her on the flank and replace Wu.

You could even use Li in the tank position with Rigard on the flank. This way Rigard is getting mana’d up while they try to take down Li, hopefully healing her in the process. I’d suggest a fully ascended Li however.

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