Current raiding team. Good, bad or ideas

So I’ve been playing about 6 months and want to step it up a bit. I’ve read a lot of posts and still get confused here and there as to placement, duplicate colors and what not. With the exception of Magni not fully ascended and swap out him mostly, here is my current defense team. I have been hovering about 2000 to 2200 mostly.

So is this a good placed roster? Or should I focus on others I am working on . Current defense team and available ones I an working on.


If you work on your depth, soon you’ll be able to vary your raid team based on the opponent. For example color stacking against its tank color.

You could consider Wu, Gormek, Merlin, Grimm and Melendor for example for the next set to level. Single color feeding is a a xp effecient way of leveling.

For the heroes you have leveled, your raid team is just fine.


For defence max Kashrek as fast as possible and use as tank.

Still on defense use Hu Tao as tank, Boldtusk flank left, Jabbar flank right, Magni edge left and Cadmon edge right.

Max Wu Kong as fast as possible for titans and events.


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Nasticus, good going. You will be raiding diamond soon. Of course, that is more of an ego thing as the chests seem to be just like plati um chests.

Your concern about placement is moot if you are interested in attack. The AI running your opponent’s def team just fires at random (and is darn lucky).

The suggestion is getting Rigard leveled up. He is the only hero on your roster other than 3* that cures status ailments. Unfortunatly, Hu Tao is your only yellow on your roster that raids. Many people will tell you to max Wu for titans, and they are right; however, you need a bigger, better holy hero.

Good luck