Form a team and defense

These are my heroes. Can anyone please tell me how to form a strong team and defense. Thanks in advance.

Hi, I would go with something like Finley - Zimkitha - Zulag - Leonidas - Lianna
But that’s only my opinion.

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Thank you for advice. I’ll try. I have seen people talk about where to place some heroes. I don’t know how. I like this game and I play a lot and I always like to learn something new.

Nice heroes.
Finley, Zimkitha, Kashhrek, Bai Yeong, Sartana.
(for now)

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Thank you very much!

Is it better to have a team that I play and defense with two different team players?

Defense is normally fixed while Offense is normally flexible depending on your opponents.
You may swith your heroes in order to give you a highest probability of winning when you are doing your raids.

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