Raid attack teams

I’m new and have a quick question, I had no rare Heroes during preparation phase, had to use 2* and 1* to create a defense team. If I do a bulk summons am I able to use the 3* that I get to replace my defense team and use as attack teams? If this is doable and cheating please let me know. Didn’t realize this was going to be a 3* tournament only and I had none

Can’t change your defense since tourney has already begun. Just work on levelling up your 3* heroes for when the next 3* tourney comes around.

You can of course use the new 3* heroes on your attack teams


Ok, at least I can summon some rare Heroes and use them for the attack, don’t know that it will help me with loot but at least I’ll survive a bit longer

The good news–relatively speaking–is that the loot was lowered for this tourney, since they’re still working out the kinks. Loot rewards should go back up to normal once they’re confident the tourneys are working right.

So now is a great opportunity to experiment and have some fun without worrying too much about where you place.