My raid tournament is done...can I feed my team?

Just what it says. My 2* team is finished; I want to feed them to heroes summoned.

Will I lose my loot?

You can feed them(attacking team) to others, but you can’t feed your defence team, game does not let you.


And no, you won’t lose your loot


So basically don’t worry. You will get your loot and when tournament is over you will be able to feed your defence team as well. :slight_smile:

The question is about now. And, my defense team.

So, the answer is game will not allow them to be fed. Everyone agree?

Yeah, correct. You can’t select them. You can try it. :slight_smile:


Yes - you can’t delete your defence team and feed the 2* heroes off until the raid tournament has completed

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Well, dangdangdangda

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