Please Help HERO match up

I am new to all this and was wondering if anyone could help with how to set good teams up. This is what I have for my hero’s

For your raid attacks or your raid defense?

The suggestion I would give is to focus on one of each color. You have a lot that are just “kind of” leved up. I’d also get a lot of those emblems back from Zudek once you have a strong team, you will need them down the road.

Any help would be great both would good team for titan attack’s and raids then a good defense team. Also. Just new and not sure been getting beat up on from teams with much lower scores lol.

Chadmo. Yeah I have a reuse token for them. I was going to use them for Grimm when he is full would that be a good move

The key to raiding successfully is using a few same color heroes that are strong color against whatever tank. Going against a blue tank like Ulmer or Gunnar? Take 2 or 3 green heroes to stack the damage on the tiles.

For defense, you should work on getting one hero of each color maxed out and working up to higher class heroes on going.

I also received a view new hero’s as well.

KLin thank you. I know dumb question but how do you know what the tank is. Lol been doing some reading about them but not sure how they class them

The tank is always in the #3 position, aka front and center.

Duh gotcha lol just like normal battles lol okay.

What does your ascension mats inventory look like? Sturdy Shields, orbs, hidden blades, trap tools and warm craps?

Grimm is definately one you should invest in with emblems.

My ascension

I suggest leaving all 5* heroes alone. Focus on 3* and 4* until you can build up more ascension mats.

Okay will do. I will start building the lower rank crews first then.

Where is a good place to build up more items. Just doing the challenges and wanted chests

I see you have a mountain of backpacks/swords. How are you using your training camps?

Definitely leave any 5* alone, I’d consider it a waste of resources at this point in your roster. Eventually, all of the 4* heroes you have are definitely worth leveling. But with your lack of materials, I might focus on Chao (Since you have the Orbs), finish Grimm, then pick a 3* of each remaining color, and feed them their corresponding colors. Don’t put any more mats into any 2*.

If you wanted to stick with 4* heroes for leveling, then per color, I’d level Chao, Proteus, Wilbur, Melendor, and finish Grimm, then switch to Kiril. Proteus and Wilbur are arguably in the top 5 4* heroes in the entire game.

Thanks all for all the help this is all great information and resources. @Lloyd6770 when ever I can I just build hero’s. I am at level 14 with training camps and level 17 strong hold

If you’re lacking in recruits but have ample backpacks/swords, I recommend farming Season 1, level 8-7, You’ll get 8-10 recruits per 3 world energy spent. Training camps 1 and 2 use those!

Okay so don’t worry about spending time on the training of the rare hero’s and stuff just use the common and uncommon training right, train more build faster yeah

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