Leveling 1* hero’s?

Just a quick question . Trying to understand why I see some of the top players leveling,& and even embleming some of the one star hero’s. Like kenjiro etc. just trying to understand the strategy behind this

Just for fun. They are useless

Because there might be 1* and 2* tourneys in the future.

See these threads for discussion about possible 1* and 2* tournaments:


That is still a mistery.

Small Giant do not change the tournament rules description (including common and uncommon) but so far we only see it once in beta, and in real game the cyrcle restarted more then once without ever see them.

It would be really cool to know from someone of the staff if is it a typo or not.


But the problems are several:

Roster space for several rainbow 1* teams and 2* teams.

Iron cost of using emblems.

They annoy players with lots of 5* heroes.

Even if they go to 1* and 2* tourneys, they will be few and far between.

The will dilute the number of 3* / 4* tourneys.

Except for roster space, I offered a solution ( see notes )


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IMO maxing Sharan at the beggining is good option (for F2P), I gave her emblems +20 on my aly nad she was very helpfull.


Lol. Most be nice to have so much depth. You get bored using 5’s and killing everyone. I even went up against a raid team that had two of them flanked by a kuchen in the center. And lost. Couldn’t believe what i was seeing.

I had her at first as well. I didn’t emblem her up. Granted that wasn’t an option when I started . Didn’t keep her long. Soon after got hawkmoon to replace her

Theoretically the tournaments could happen but I honestly don’t see the point of them myself.

There are no dispellers for 1* or 2* rarities, so buff booster tournaments will be heavily board dependent. Rush Attack too but well those already are heavily board dependent anyways. And the Bloody Battle rule just affects 2 heroes, Sha-Ji and Sharan. Who cares anyways, their healing is too small to really make much of a difference, sounds better to just go full offense.

IDK. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t really find the idea of 2* and 1* tournaments fun. So far I think 3* is a good cap for new players, I mean there’s actually good variety in the rarity now with the Atlantis and Seasonal heroes. Although more variety in skills would be welcome too. If Melendor / Sabina have Belith as their younger cousin, where’s Rigard’s younger 3* cousin? Just as an e.g.


I really don’t see the point of the tournament adding 1,& 2 . For nothing more than the rooster room. Not to mention the grind it takes for the mid level players just trying to build a decent rooster leveling the 4,& 5’s. And I agree. I don’t see the fun do to the lack of skills from the most of those heros

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They want to show-off, maybe???

Speaking of showing off:


I don’t even know what to say about that🤣

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