3* Hero Placement Guide?

Hey all, just trying to find out if there is a 3* hero placement guide.

I have found 5* and 4*, but no 3*.

This would be useful for raid def tourneys.

Do you mean rating or grading?

Yah best option is probably to look at the past 3* tournaments.

@Randy posts the top 10 past teams on them.


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Thanks for the replies all. What I mean is like this image

I have shared my reasons for not creating a 3* guide here:


Wow just the person I was waiting for, thanks for the information! I also plan to use those 4* and 5* guides for raid tourneys as well! It just helps to compare the guides to my line ups.
I used to view top defense tournament line ups on here as advised by Dudeious, but when going to those threads now, I can never find the link that actually shows what the top def line ups were, I may just be missing it, but I am not sure.

Thanks for the response!


Try titanmafia goggle it.
Not sure if they do the 3* stuff.

If not @Randy can prob help yall out.

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Sorry, I’m no help. I don’t have anything or know of anything like what you’re looking for. I do believe with 3* it is going to be mostly situational for the reasons @D_DI stated above. If you’re asking for the raid tournies, there is a thread every week for them and it’s usually posted the saturday before the tourny starts. Some really great people posting and discussing defenses.


Not a link. Apost towards the beginning of the thread. Here’s this weeks to show what it looks like

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Thank you so much! I appreciate the replies on this post everyone very informative!


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