Question about the number of Titan Parts dropped per Harpoon tier

So here’s a screenshot of the titan harpoon info for a 5* titan:


From this, I get that:

Reaching Tier 1 (7 hits) makes the titan drop parts (the # of parts is based on the loot tier you get for the titan)


Reaching Tier 2 (18 hits) makes the titan drop 2 additional parts, along with the parts you get for the loot tier.

What I’m not clear on, is the loot for Tier 3. Does “5 extra Titan Parts” there mean the X parts for Tier 1, plus the 2 parts for Tier 2, plus the 5 parts for Tier 3 (i.e.: 7 extra parts), or does it mean 5 extra parts total (5 parts plus the X for the Tier 1, so really just 3 more parts than if you only hit Tier 2)?

If reaching Tier 3 only gives you 3 more parts than reaching Tier 2, it doesn’t seem to be a good return on investment, since the 2-to-3 jump requires a disproportionately higher number of harpoons. Right?

You get parts for tier 1 plus two more for tier 2 and then 5 more for tier 3. That’s my understanding. My question if you are short between tiers are them harpoon you get nothing for. Meaning you only have 45 of the 52, that 27 empty ones

If you are between tiers, say between 1 and 2, then you get tier 1 and an increasing chance of tier 2 depending on how close you get to tier 2.

I was under the impression that if you use a single harpoon you will get parts. Reaching tier 1 adds additional titan parts, same with tier 2 and tier 3.

Am I mistaken?

You only get titan parts if your alliances reaches the first harpoon tier. Reaching 2nd and 3rd tiers means more titan parts.

Yes, if you are short of the tier goal, then the harpoons you used between the previous tier’s goal and the goal you came up short on are basically wasted (although you did still get the in-battle benefit from hitting the titan with a harpoon, [either -20% atk or -25% atk and -30% def if the titan was stunned], so it wasn’t for nothing at all).

Ok, so the net result on the tiers are “get parts”/“get parts plus 2 extra”/“get parts plus 7 extra”.

But even with hitting the third tier being 5 more parts than just hitting the second tier, it seems like the harpoons-to-parts ratio is higher in Tier 3 than in Tier 2. In my opinion, it is not worth it to chase Tier 3.

I feel like the optimal play is to just go as far as Tier 2. Can anyone give me a convincing argument to the contrary?

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That was my understanding on parts per tier. Agree with on tier 3, lot of harpoons to fill that gap, we don’t enough crafters at this time

Our alliance is killing 10 star titans (14 harpoons for 1st tier rewards). Our “number crunchers” have determined that it’s not worth the extra effort to push for tier 2 rewards, just for a couple more rewards.

We put out a message on the featured onboard that we REQUEST 14 harpoons on this titan. Once we’ve reached that number, we change it to read that we no longer REQUEST additional harpoons.

We use the word REQUEST because we feel that since harpoons are also a powerful battle item (that they craft themselves), it’s a player’s choice if they want to use additional ones, with the understanding that no one will receive additional titan part by partially filling the 2nd tier bar.

We just killed a rare 10 star titan and so many players wanted to try out a harpoon, we easily made it to the 2nd tier. It’s probably something we won’t bother doing on anything but rare. I’m sure the players found the few extra parts weren’t really worth it.

For myself, I find the harpoons fairly easy to craft (having enough food and iron), so I don’t mind helping to fill that 1st tier. Other than that though, I’m purposely building harpoons as valuable battle items that I hope to use in difficult quests.

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So you dont have any specific plan as who uses harpoons? Just to make to tier 1 and then post it onboard? Asking because we are still looking for a best plan for our alianse kow to do it…anyone have diferent plan? Feel free to share :blush:

We get to tier 1 easily. Some of our lower players won’t be ready to use harpoons for quite a while. The players who are currently using them haven’t indicated any resentment about being the “only” ones using them. Rather, it’s almost a race to fill the first tier in order to use it as a battle item.

I only managed to use a couple on that rare 10 star since the bar is always full before I’ve had the chance. For our alliance, (we are active but our motto is “serious"fun”), so far it’s allowing us to reach our goal, without anyone feeling pressure.

If we were trying to always fill that 2nd tier or even push for 3rd, it would become more serious and less fun for our members.

This is our policy (at the moment anyway) but I completely understand how the more competitive alliances choose to do it differently.


@_John_Doe you are master of this :blush: do you have some point outs that you can share?

20 mighty

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it seems like the harpoons-to-parts ratio is higher in Tier 3 than in Tier 2.


Ohh i fannaly saw what you did here!
You are great Boolz San!

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Question: Your alliance reaches tier 1 for harpoons. If you didn’t use any harpoons do you still receive titan parts? Or do you need to use at least one harpoon yourself to get titan parts in your drop?

If you don’t have reduced loot you get parts just need to hit the titan

But do you have to hit with a harpoon to get Titan parts?

If everyone else used harpoons and reaches the first tier and you hit the Titan but NOT with any harpoons, will you still get Titan parts in your drop?

I have had alliance members hit Titans but not hit using harpoons and they did NOT get Titan parts, but those of us who used harpoons did get Titan parts.

Is that the norm or was that unusual?

No you don’t need to hit with harpoon

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Probably they had reduced loot tier…
Killed another titan 20hrs before that one died or joined alliance after the titan spawn…
If they get reduced loot tier even if they put harpoon they won’t get titan parts

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