Titan 14 * Harpoon tier 1 , 2 or 3?

what is better?
we ( Batman Arkham park ) kill 14* titan everyday.
what is better? Harpoon tier 1, 2, 3 ?
which tier is best value/“money” ?
Thanks in advance…:sunglasses:

Since you guys are chaining 14 star titans, for the sake of simplicity I am going to assume that every members gets B loot on an average which is titan loot tier 15 (which gives 7 titan parts at Tier 1 harpoons). So let’s compare the percentage increase of both harpoons required and total number of titan parts dropped in Tier 2 and 3, as compared to Tier 1.

Harpoon Tier Harpoons Reqd % Increase Titan Parts % Increase
1 20 0 210 0
2 52 162% 270 28.6%
3 146 636% 420 100%

So basically, for Tier 3, the alliance has to use almost 7 times the number of harpoons that is required for Tier 1, and yields only double the amount of titan parts. So that’s definitely least efficient.

Tier 2 requires 2.5 times the number harpoons that is required for Tier 1, and yields around 1.3 times the number of titan parts. So technically, even this is less efficient than tier 1.

But realistically, if your alliance uses an average of 1.73 harpoons/member for defense/attack down purposes, then Tier 2 is easily reached without too much loss in efficiency, and the 2 extra parts might come in handy for those who might use them to craft Hunter’s Lodge items.

Otherwise, just for pure harpoons usage sake, Tier 1 is most value for money.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


It’s an interesting question. Can somebody answer?

Our alliance is very interested about this topic, and we are not the only one…
What’s your opinion?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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