Harpoon's on rare titan

I’m assuming there isn’t, but just want to confirm. Is there any changes in loot from a rare titan as compared to a regular titan in terms of titan parts/harpoon loot. By that I mean if I kill a 12* rare titan with the harpoon meter filled, will there be any difference in loot from a 12* regular titan also with the harpoon meter filled. Thank you all for your input.

In a single example, I didn’t see any difference.

The drops are by loot tier. Since you can get to a higher loot tier on a rare 12*, it is possible to squeeze some extra parts out:


Hmm, so pushing it to full might not be a bad idea then. We are at second tier on harpoons, and were discussing if pushing to fill the bar would be worth it.

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Thank you for this info

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That is really a philosophical question on resources. If the whole alliance is behind the effort and crafting harpoons, it might be worthwhile.


Ding ding ding - we always harpoon on rares for this reason, though lately enough have harpoons that we seem to harpoon anything LOL

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Titan drops are titan level related not loot tier.

A+ through C loot drop the same amount of parts.

Gathered over 200 titan parts so far. Harpoon tier 2 on a 12 star = 8 parts. Doesn’t matter is you are A+ or in C loot or killed a rare.

We consistently go for harpoon tier 2 btw. Sustaining harpoon Tier 3 costs too much iron and limits base development.

There are screenshots showing that this statement is not accurate. For example:

There’s a reason I linked to the data thread.


In the screenshots I see that rare adds one extra titan part. Haven’t seen a screenshot that shows a deviation on parts based on loot tier so far in that thread, except for 1 where we can’t confirm the titan because no screenshot of titan.

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