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I am free to play player and i just reached 2600 gems. I am wondering if it is worth spending them for 10x epic hero summon or it is going to be better to wait till the end of the month and do the Atlantis summons?
Also can i get the HOTM doing Atlantis summon. Also how good is the current HOTM Ranvir?

Thanks in advance.

I also have the same situation… and I decide to wait using gems for Atlantis and Epic Hero Token (EHT) for Sand Empire (both in June).

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Yes you can get the HOTM during Atlantis! As to when to summon, I have been playing over 6 months but I am a p2p person so I have a strong bench, probably broke my budget too many times, lol. Anyway as a f2p it depends on whether or not you need to fill up hero spots for a rainbow team in imho. If so I would use Epic…if not then wait until Atlantis. Both give you a good chance on higher heroes but RNG being what it is yu will probably get 3*, maybe 4*, plus dupes. You still will have a chance to pull HOTM but they take a lot of resources. I would advise working on a good 3* rainbow team first that will help you on quests. It’s really up to what your priorities are. Thxs for asking. Hope this helps! Good luck, I play f2p on another account and it is hard so my hat is off to you. Hang in there and have fun!

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Atlantis is 2800 gems (If I remember correctly). If you don’t think you’ll have that many by then, I would do a pull during the Summer event. You can also use your tokens during that event for extra chances at those heroes and the HOTM.

As for Ranvir, I’m not in Beta so I haven’t had the chance to playa round with him. According to some post by those that are, Tarlak is the one to have. If you don’t have him, then Ranvir is like a sturdier Wu. Made for titans… expect to miss a lot, but also get some high scores.

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Atlantis is 3000 gems.


Thanks! My memory is like Swiss cheese sometimes :crazy_face:

What do you mean with summer event and when is it going to be?

Around June 24 - July 14 I think so.

Summer event (aka Sand Empire) is an event like the Christmas or Halloween events. It arrives sometime in the Summer. The last I heard it should be here around June 25th, but that has not been confined by the devs.

In this event, the event heroes are added to the regular summons so you can use your EHTs and possibly snag one.

Atlantis portal is a pool full of 3*

I prefer always event summons for 3 reasons: the HOTM, is cheaper than atlantis portal and you can get an event hero.

The other heros can be summoned by EHT.

Your memory is actually decent: the 30-pull is 280 per pull, so would be 2800 for 10 if you could get them at that price. The lower summons are just pricier.

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The summer Seasonal Event, Sand Empire, is currently slated to start June 25.

Actually it has, I asked them directly and they answered:


@zephyr1 thanks for confirming! I’d read your post previously but got the impression it wasn’t 100%. Guess it’s still not, but sounds like maybe 95% :grin:

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The Staff wanted to make sure people knew it’s possible for it to change, but they did confirm that’s the current scheduled date.

Hard to say what the odds are for it changing, I assume they make all business decisions via RNG. :face_with_monocle:


I checked Summer event heroes, they don’t look that impressive…
I would like somebody who has experience to tell me when is the best time of spending the gems for 10x summon.

The probabilities on the Sand Empire Scheduling table would completely depend on whether changing of staying the same counts as the best outcome, obviously.

I hear it was really rough on @mhalttu the day the “Arrive At Work Time” draw hit on the 1:57AM slot.

On the plus side, I think that was the month he got 3 cheques in his pay packet, so the RNG kinda evened out.


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