Lepus damage vs Alice/Alasie damage

I am looking at maxing my next blue and I will be moving forward with Master Lepus. This blue will be strictly for offense primarily war teams and maybe titans. I had a question though if anyone has any feedback. Lepus doesn’t hit one target for as much damage as Alasie or Alice who were my other options to max. With the splash damage though, I am assuming Lepus deals more “overall” damage with his special which is my primary factor for maxing Lepus (plus some alliance mates recommend him, but some recommend Alice as the better hitter)? I perused a previous thread that compares damage but it only compares damage to a single target. My understanding is that splash damage hit % is half of the hit % to target? Basically just trying to verify that Lepus does more overall damage per special (hitting 2 or 3 of course) than either Alice or Alasie?

Yeah he does more dmg overall.

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You can ROUGHLY compare who will be better by simply multiplying the heroes attack stat by their damage %

It’s not exactly the numbers but it gives an idea.


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