Master Lepus vs Alasie

Master Lepus vs Alasie? Does he replace her on defense or is he just a tired old gray wabbit?

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Both are great. If I had both I’d still alasie.



Personally I rate Lepus higher on defence than Alasie.

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It is interesting to see how people think about this two hero on defense. So, I create this poll for you.

  • Master Lepus
  • Alasie

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i would rate alasie higher.

just recently bumbed again in a fully maxed and emblemed lepus+mana troop.

He did 500/1000/500 dmg with is great overall damage, but i think alasie would do more on the main target, which i prioritise.

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I find multiple targets ennemies more painful to face. Yes, Alasie may kill a precious hero but Lepus could wipe 60% of your team if they are low health.



Lepus is good (I have two) but is knobbled by that -20% defense for three turns. Alasie is the winner.

I’d love Lepus only because I have Jean Francois to halt the defense down. Great point SFT!


I am more of a fan to hit 3 heroes than snipers. The total health removed by them on the enemy team is so much much higher than what a sniper could do. I have 15 scopes yet I haven’t used them on my 2 Magnis or Fenrir, all at 3/70. Hah! I just realized that I don’t have a legendary ice sniper fully maxed.

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For me Lepus for events, he hits 3

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It comes down to who you have to pair Lepus with. JF mitigates the defense down and works really well with Lepus and Killhare. The defense down is an issue, but if the attacker loses 3 of it’s members in one shot, I think you can get away with the self-inflicted defense debuff. Alasie does hit hard by herself and is a top sniper in that regard. I have Lepus with full Talent following the attack path and he hits hard. I don’t have Alasie, so I can’t compare their damage.


Lepus if flank

Alasie if wings

Both nice heroes congrats


Lepus for offense, Alasie for offense AND defense.

Not a huge fan of Lepus on defense due to that self harm, but he is an absolute monster on offense. Alasie’s uncleansable mana slow can be really annoying if she hits the right targets, because she hits hard enough in her own right so I vote her.


@u2371 Wow, thank you! That is very helpful

That is my thinking as well. I also just got Killhare which I think would benefit each other for the attack boost. I will pair them with Garnet to help negate the negative status effects. With Friggs defense down active (if the stars align) it could spell trouble. I also have Sir Roostley which would give a passive 20% attack boost, but I’m not sure he’ll make it on my defense. What are your thoughts?

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