Question about marjana

Hi community, I’m not sure why there is not so much talking about marjana ? What is her weakness ? She seem to be good stats to me and when is marjana constume coming ?


She’s awesome

Best red 5* sniper in the game imo

Maxed 2 of her myself

Reason she’s overlooked is because she doesnt hit as hard as the other tc20 5* snipers, that being said she’s definitely usable and a viable option in both offense and defense

Her lower attack stat and special skill damage are the only drawbacks IN COMPARISON to the other tc20 5s. But far from a bad hero imo. She’s no perseus. Will say that class wise i actually feel she has an edge over the others


I think, there are only reasons why people don’t talk about Marjana is that she is outshone by newer reds like Gravemaker. Plus, her base attack stat is not very good (less than 700) and she needs emblems to be at the level. She is very good for c2p players, bot not otherwise.


If constume comes along with emblems her attack defence and mana increases by 5% and health by 10% (constume bonus ) , after the she will be amazing , am I right ?


Yup. I still feel she’s solid as is though.

Looking forward to the costume and may have to blow the dust off my debit card…


And possibly getting a second credit card? :rofl:



I’m trying to get one directly from SmallGiant so i can enroll in their rewards program. Sure it’s not much but 1 point per 1k summons and 20 points gets a t shirt is still better than nothin

No luck thus far.


On a more serious note, I have Marjana myself and love her very much. True, I am a ftp and I do not have a lot of choices; but I still think Marjana by an objective standard is a great hero. Her talent makes her especially versatile as she can potentially dodge deadly special attacks.


Who else qualifies as a Fire 5* sniper?

I think the only drawback not mentioned here in the thread so far is that her Burn damage can get easily overwritten by any of the other Fire heroes with burn damage (Gravemaker, Azlar, etc.)




Nevermind. I didnt read full post.

She fires faster than azlar and does direct damage on top of that, more direct damage to a single target than either gm or azlar i believe and obviously more direct damage than jf

But yes some dont like it.

I use her for her direct damage, more than her DoT. Use jf to burn 5. Use marjana to snipe out telluria or vela. But that’s just me.


Yeah…I guess it’s my perspective and how I use Tyr in my lineups that I use term sniper a little loosely with him. My favorite features on him is his stackable bleed DoT (as weak as it may be) and resurrection/heal that allows him to “snipe” multiple times.

Since his sniper damage is only 285% I shied away from referring to him as a true/pure sniper.

Good points on Sartana & Joon. I find the same issues with Sartana (Jabberwock, Proteus, Cheshire Cat), I just recently picked up Joon so I haven’t been able to see it in action to have thought of that.

I thought they were crap points as i thought you were goin to say “easily cleansed”…damn it

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Having reviewed some War metrics we’ve had…I never take cleansers for granted…

Sometimes people get so wrapped up in buffing attack, healing, damage, they end up going in without a cleanser and get wrecked.

When i used 3-2, i took double cleanse + 1 dispel to every match

Harder to do with mono

No red dispel and only 1 cleanse
1 5* blue cleanse
1 yellow true cleanse
1 green cleanse

Purple is kinda funny because it seems to have the most cleansers, yet yellow is the one color with no dot and the least amount of heroes with cleansible status effects as well i believe…


Agree with all the above. As a S1 hero, she is solid. Unless I am overlooking someone, she’s the only fast five-star S1 hero. So, joining the chorus of “she’s great,” she should be on everyone’s roster.

An additional reason that she’s not more popular (if that’s the right word) is that she is a S1 hero, so her special is outshined by HOTMs and S2 heroes that do a bit more. Marjana hits, leaves a dispellable burn, and she’s done. There’s no elemental link, no extra buff or debuff. So I think that prevents her from being present in more top-ten lists.

All that said, she’s still in my defense lineup.


Magni, joon, lianna, sartana

Agree with the rest of your post though

oops, I meant red five-star fast S1 hero. Thx for the correction.


It is all fun and games until you run into Marj on defense and she dodges 5 specials in a row.


Few DoTs aren’t dispellable, so it’s mostly timing her hit, if you can. If you can’t, you’re probably targeting someone you think you can special + tile dump to take out in one swoosh. I love that she’s not a glass cannon, too. Reliable damage!

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