2nd marjana or grazul

I pulled grazul and now i am in a conflict, lvl my sec marjana to max or grazul.

My red heroes i have are :
Max marjana and azlar
Khagan 3.70
Epics all maxed
Scarllet x2 wilbur, BT +20, colen

Tbh i am nit a fan of grazul but maybe other players can give me better insights on her.

Thanks in advance.

It always good to have some 5* healers and different heroes, Grazul over second Marj


Seconding previous reply, 5* healers are hard to come by, especially from TC20 (only Viv I think if I don’t count HP drainers), so Grazul even if her heal is a bit low for my taste (though that is mitigated by her speed). There is plenty of Snipers like Marj and you already have one, so she should do the job.

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