Marajana vs Tyr

I just pulled Tyr, he looks good but does anyone have him leveled? My main for wars is Marajana (don’t have Gravemaker). I also use Sartana, Kingston, Vela and Vivica (costume) so wondering if Tyr would be better than Marajana to complete my defense team?

Already some specific discussion here for you to have a look at.

The sagacious @voidstrike has a handle on this specific comparison


So in this discussion here are some of the important things to consider:

Marjana & Tyr are the only 5* Legendary Fire Heroes who are single target attackers. So that’s part of the reason they are compared because they are the only “snipers” in the Fire element.

However Marjana is one of the weaker snipers in the game and her burn is not strong (50 damage per turn for 6 turns to equal 300 burn) and it is apt to get overwritten by stronger burns (Azlar, JF, Gravemaker). But Marjana benefits from being the rogue class and her evade skill allows her opportunity to snipe multiple times because she may avoid damage.

But despite the benefit of her class, the sheer amount of utility Tyr has plus his increased attack when maxed (pre-emblem is 756 compared to Marjana’s pre-emblem attack of 669) is what makes him so enticing. Chance to bypass defensive buffs is basically the ranger skill on a fighter class hero. His Damage over Time stacks with similar effects and we haven’t even gotten to his self heal & resurrection with 1/3 of his health.

In my opinion the only reason you wouldn’t want to max Tyr over Marjana is because in his Fighter class I would still say Kingston would deserve emblems before him and Marjana’s class is what makes her more dangerous than her lower attack stats would suggest.

I’m interested in seeing if there are other opinions but in the end what I stated as Tyr’s biggest “detriment” is that he’s not the best hero in his class. Yet even one node and reviving via class skill would be sufficient with his own resurrection & healing skills (imagine Tyr being killed with full mana, revived by fighter class skill, fires off his special healing himself and giving him a resurrection boon which will restore 1/3 of his health when he’s resurrected).


I’d say they’re about equal and you can’t go wrong with either. Picking which one therefore involves what you need.

If you need one that can do a one hit kill, then definitely Marjana. Tyr’s weak special damage makes him inappropriate for the role of damage dealing sniper.

On the other hand, Tyr’s special is also what makes him very tough to kill and outright frustrating on defense, driving Opponents craaazzzyyy. Mariana has decent enough defense/health though.

Tyr can be fun to play with on offense due to his constant heal/revive. But he also falls short as a killer, and relies on allies to deliver the heavy hits.

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