Gravemaker #2 or Marjana?

Leveled / leveling portion of roster attached. Rings will be in place shortly — which would you level?

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Nice Seshat x5 :smiley:

I’d go with Marjana before any duplicates, I prefer variety on a roster since you never know which heroes will get updates or balance patches.


Yeah I got a little crazy on Grimforest — beer and pulls oh my lol.

I think I’m a little thin on snipers so Marjana is probably the right call.


Nah dude definitely Gravemaker number 2. I have Marjana maxed and literally never use her not even in war. She’s totally mediocre. Marjana is on my defense team and that’s it, just as a kind of placeholder/fast red hero. And when I say I never use her, I strictly use mono teams. Even on a team of 5 red heroes, I can’t find a place for her. I’d rather use boldtusk, Wilbur, falcon, Scarlett and Azlar. She doesn’t even get used in war, I’m serious.


When the question is Gravemaker or any other Red 5* the answer is ALWAYS Gravemaker. If the question is Gravemaker #6 or Marjana, the answer is still Gravemaker.


I have to agree with those who say Gravemaker #2, especially since I see you have both Falcon and Wilbur. That seems like a nasty combo. It seems like it would be fun to go Grave, Grave, Falcon, Wilbur, Boldtusk… y’know… in case you find a Yunan tank somewhere. :slight_smile:

Could switch out BT with Ariel, too, since yunan is oft paired with GM.

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Have both of them maxed, like and use them both. You’ll be fine either way you decide to go.


I just fought an Ariel flanked on both sides by Gravemakers and can say it was a massacre :fire::hot_face::fire:

The thought of two Gravy on defense is tingly.

I want to say Marjana because a sniper bring diversity to your options.

But sadly, Marjana isn’t really that good as a sniper. She has tank stats, so her hit isn’t particularly impressive. She doesn’t play well with GM in a stack, as her weaker DoT usually comes ready after GM’s (slower mana) and then overwrites it.

The only thing I’d caution is that the red HotM for October is very interesting: a very fast healer, immune to mana reduction effects, and blocks all status ailments on all allies for 2 turns. In beta, she and GM are a superb team.


That’s very intriguing, Doc.

I am still a bit light in the healer department too.

Just read that Grazul is at 15% healing now in beta. Thank you for the thought. 15% very fast healer I’ll hold rings for.

Something to consider - two very fast heroes together means two level 11 red mana troops (to get the most out of them), for some that’s not a problem, but for others it certainly is.

I would pick Marjana for variety but having a 2nd GM would definitely troll many people. :wink:

A 2nd or 3rd GM is never too much! After all, war team required at least 6 variety.
Marjana is quite durable but the different between fast and very fast mana is obvious.

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