Any Tips on levelling 4 Star troops to Level 30?

What is the most efficient way of levelling troops? As in best way of saving food for them and also acquiring feeders for them?

Right now you can train 3* troops in HA and I’m pretty sure that this is best way to get feeders or eventually you can spend crazy amount of money for summoning troops but its not worth it at all.

To save some food you can feed your troops closest to next level and then put in them 10 3* troops at once to get exp for a little bit less ham.


Most efficient?

Spend $$$ on the Epic Troop Portal which will give you 3&4* feeders… It costs about 2.5k USD to max a set of 4* troops from Lvl 1 → Lvl 30; ballpark figure.

As Radar1 said, you can train Troops in the Hero Academy but it isn’t overly “efficient” (but it is free!)… The 1* feeders give the highest exp per hour BUT they come at the highest food per exp cost. The 3* troop training has the LOWEST exp per hour BUT also has the lowest food per exp cost. The 2* troop training is the middle ground but still isn’t great in terms of time or food efficiency…

So really, the most efficient way is to just summon your feeder troops from the portal… Using 1* troops as feeders beyond Lvl 17 becomes a food drain…

My personal strategy is:

  • 1* feeders exclusively up to Lvl 11
  • 1&2* feeders from Lvl 11 → Lvl 17
  • 2* & some 3* feeders from Lvl 17 → Lvl 23
  • 3* with any 4* ones you got towards the end as feeders from Lvl 23 → Lvl 29 (lvl 30 is really just a bragging thing… doesn’t give you any real benefit on the mana troops)

BUT I’m still in the Lvl 23 → L29 section on my primary mana troops… Am working on my third mana troops up to Lvl11 currently…


This is a great strategy and something I’ll find useful in my own planning.

I’ve been trying to balance my troop leveling across 2/3/4* so as to have a good set of troops for tourneys and challenge events.

I’ve fed 1* to 2* - originally planning one of each type/color, but after seeing how much I like 2/3 color stack, I’m now doing a third troop of each color (attack). I’m close to finishing the second troop of each color. Once i finish this project, I think I will re-direct the 1* food to leveling a second 4* troop in each color until they reach 11 per your strategy.

I feed 2* to 3*, again planning one of each type per color which will be sufficient. I have some very high 3* which I use on mono over base level 4* since they are stronger. Once I reach that goal, then I’d redirect the 2* food to higher level 4* troops

Then I’ve exclusively fed 3-4* to 4*. I’ve got my main set of mana troops up to 15, so still a long way to go. Considering my barracks isn’t even finished yet (building level 8 now) completing my troops is going to be an endgame project for me, once my base is built I may possibly even redirect the HA into doing two levels of troop building rather than HA10. Currently I’m making 2* troops as an iron bank so I’m always ready to do the next build on the Alchemy Lab and get my base finished off.

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I think Guvnor has covered it really well. I have been playing three years and my main mana troops are still between level 23 - 29. It is a slow grind but ascending them slowly gives me something to aim for.

My only tips are:

  1. Turn HA into a troop factory. Mine runs exclusively churning out 2* & 3* troops. It is making a big difference to my ascension speed and is free.

  2. Because I like the 3* tournaments I have started to feed my 1* troops exclusively to ascend a set of 2* troops. This had made a big impact on my performance and it is nice to follow the quicker ascension process.

  3. I exclusively farm Atlantis Province 1-8. It always gives lots of backpacks, grimoire dust & 1* & 2* troops.

Happy ascending!


If you really want to finish your 4* troops and if you are f2p, put everything you get into them, also 1* and 2. You will finish a lot faster.

From lvl 23-30 you need 120 3* troops per color, or 600 total.
You get around 150 from HA per year and some from the daily summon portal.
Without summoning with gems you need to collect ≈450 troop coins. I’m able to save around 40-50 coins for each Ninja tower. So I would need to wait for around 20 months or 1½ year just to finish my troops from lvl 23 onward.

I don’t know how many coins you can collect and maybe you get more lucky and get more 4* troops, but I don’t think that it would be that much faster.
You will get a lot more 1* and 2* feeder troops from farming and daily summons. You only need two 2* troops(2x90Xp=180XP) and one 1* troop(40Xp), for more Xp(220) than one 3*(200Xp).
The increase in ham is massive, but you will be also a lot faster. I would still save all my 3* troops for the high lvls (20+), but I would not stop feeding 1* and 2* troops if you can afford it.


Have lots and lots of food, :laughing:

@Guvnor thanks for this. Maybe you mentioned this elsewhere, but I missed it. Are you using HA exclusively for troop training? I enjoy the food storage & trainer heroes from level 7, but am starting to think I need the feeder troops more. Already running 6, but thinking of shifting to 2* production as well

I am using HA only for trainer heroes currently; no food to spare otherwise for other levels making / changing heroes and have plenty of feeder troops already…

Would be more effective if I was making 3* troops I guess :stuck_out_tongue: maybe I should go do that.

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