How far should I go with emblems on my hero?

I’m wondering if it’s better to fully emblem a hero or if it depends on the hero. Or is it depending on the rarity of the hero (4* vs. 5*). I’ve got some 4* up to 11 (Boldtusk, Wu, Rigard) should I finish the talent grid for most?

Depends of the hero
Depends of your roster
Depends of your other candidates
Depends on your play style
Depends on your resources available
Depends on your favorite heroes

Hmm. I’d say it depends :wink:
Joking aside, BT and Rigard are very good candidates for their respective classes, even if you have a 5*, as they are less costly.
Monk 4* vary between Wu and Wilbur imo and it depends on your play style.
Giving them both is an option, as is maxing one before the other.
Giving emblems to 5* instead of 4* depends on your depth and the time you have played. If you have 30+ maxed 5* and use your 4* sporadically, then 5* should be your priority.