Queen Ursena, final stage : Killing Team

I reach in the final stage , lvl 27 season 2, but I still not finish this stage,

How can we kill Ursena Queen ?
Can you suggest the pattern of team to kill her ?

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Best advice I can give is have revival scrolls and lots of red potions! A resurrection hero is good too and if u have one if them u could make sure u bring some mana juice. She is a bear though I’ll grant u. Best luck. I used this lineup but numbers were different and so were the items I used.

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For normal I had Proteus, Sabina, Li Xiu, Lancelot and Kiril. Proteus and Li Xiu to control mana, Sabina and Kiril to heal, Sabina dispels the holy reflect so Li Xiu can attack safely. Whenever the debuff counter starts again, I use Kiril or Lancelot (or both) to buff my heroes

Hard mode was more difficult. survival is so important, finally I won with Kiril, Triton, Aegir, Sabina and Skittleskull. Skittleskull to reduce Ursena attack, Aegir as back up healer and defense buffer in case Kiril or Sabina do not have mana. And Triton to make healing more effective. I only won because I tried to have Skittleskull’s attack down and Aegir/Kiril defense up active at the same time .


Glad it worked out. I know when I finally beat her it took some scrolls and luck!!

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thanks! it still definitely took some luck, even with a clear strategy. I tried 3 times with that team before finally winning - and spent a lot of time trying, unsuccessfully, with various combinations including Proteus, Aeron and Li Xiu too!

LOL… I forgot how i defeated her. Its a sign of aging I guess. But mel, boldie, wu, cyprian and athena is with me. I defeated her in just one battle. Nothing special on my backpack. Im lucky with my tiles I guess.

Good job . I recently defeated her with major troubles … the first time I tried the battle it was going well on her 2nd form and then she hit Melendor who died lol and I was like oops no revival scroll…so wasn’t happy . Took the loss… 2nd time Wu died in the first form as I walked with no healing /mana pots … ( served me right) so I quit then lol

3rd time was the charm …ensured all survived the first round and walked w revive scroll in case ( didn’t really need it but lost Wu when she was under 25% health remaining 2nd form ) but I wanted all to be alive so I revived Wu and finished the battle… I actually liked that battle. :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Thanks! at least you only needed 3 tries, lol, I probably had 10 in all… and I used up so many revive scrolls and mana pots, now I have to restock. My Aegir is only 3/70, and my poor emblemed 4*s are just not sturdy enough.

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Lol… it’s all good. That’s what those items are for anyway , so use away ! In the end you got the win and the 4* ascension items. I applaud you and anyone who has beaten her with a limited roster . :trophy:

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thanks, really kind of you! and yeah, those 500 Atlantis coins will prove to be a great prize (I hope) :slight_smile:

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