Can i beat ursena (easy)

So i am getting close to the final stage of season 2 easy and i wanted to ask if a team of: lianna at 3/70,tiburtus max +9,wilbur max + 13,kiril max +13 and scarlett max + 9 od chao max+ 3 could beat the easy mode of ursena?total tp 3654 with scarlett 3638 with chao.if you think i can would you give me some tips?

Yeah I think you can do it easy mate! for security if you can use another healer it will help. Just try to aim for the weak point every time when Ursena resurrects as a titan boss. Also be careful of using Holy heroes, Ursena does extra damage against them.

Good luck mate!


I think it’s possible. Take into account that you’ll have to fight with her twice.

I remember that every five turns, all the buffs are dispelled, so you have to control the turns as well.
I wouldn’t suggest you taking Chao by the way.

Good luck.:wink:

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thanks mate,i currently dont have another healer but vivica is next,do you think i should bring her or not because od the reflect?

you think the team with scarlett will do it.btw when i reach her sonya will be maxed and some emblems used on her,do you think she will help?

The reflect affects just the attack. You can take Vivica without any problem.

Regarding Sonia, if you want to take her, then Chao is an option. It depends on how you feel more comfortable. I got Sonia first and I like her rather than Scarlett.

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I think you should do what @jqhosko suggested, bring another healer. It might make the fight long, but at least you’ll survive.

Here’s a video of me beating Ursena on HARD mode with 3 and 4* heroes. You might want to use this as a guide if you want.


It should be possible. I beat her before with a team of Kiril, Sabina, Triton, Skittleskull, and 3/70 Aegir. Although, I only beat her by having both attack-debuff and defense buff active always at the same time.

I also had 2 healers, but you only have one. as others have said, taking Vivica is a good idea. I would drop Tiburtus then - you already have Wilbur for defense debuff, plus Tibs is the weak offensive color.

So Lianna, Vivica, Wilbur, Kiril, Scarlett. should be possible!

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yes but the problem is vivica is still at 1st ascension and i could at most get her to 3/70.sonya is soon to be maxed so do you think she could make the team?

Yesterday I tried to beat Ursena with a team similar to yours and it was a bit hard.

I took Vivica (max) - Chao - Sonya - c. Melendor and Hansel.

I didn’t remember that Ursena hit so hard (around 350 - 400 per hit), but I could end the stage with all the heroes alive. I’d choose Scarlett instead of Vivica if she’s just in the first level.

As I told you, control the turns before using Kiril and Wilbur special attacks.

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thanks for the help
hope i beat her

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I think Vivica at 3/70 will be more useful than a maxed Sonya - because Vivica provides healing. Sonya’s dispel doesn’t really help keep your team alive.

But Lianna, Wilbur, Kiril, Scarlett, Sonya could be possible - just tough because you only have Kiril to heal, and his heal % is quite low.

Still worth a try, though.

I think the idea is that Ursena being effectively a Titan in her second phase, you need tile damage but not necessarily special damage. So bringing a load of healers and/or other supports is fine. If the suggested team doesn’t work out it could be worth swapping one of the hitters out for another healer.

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And since Ursena becomes a titan in her second phase, don’t be shy about bringing 5 star items into play if you have any.

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I beat her during the last atlantis. I wanted to go with the less info to make the challenge harder. I was caught off guard when she became titan and I had prevently spent few time stops I also didn´t know the status removing. I knew about her special from fighting her.

I had a 4-1 team: Sabina+20 Kiril +19 Grimm + 19 Boril + 16 and Kiril 4.70 It´s important to stack heroes of a neutral color So you can deal more tile damage.

The first phase is quite easy Keep you health high and save items. You go straight to her.

Your survability will depend on how you combine Scarlett debuff with Wilbur or Kiril defense buff. Better if you don´t overlap unless you charge in the next turns. I strongly suggest to take time stops and everything that give you mana. arrows may be of use.

Anyway, unless you need urgently some of the rewards, I´d suggest you to wait till the next AR so you can spend the coins in the summons.

It will be a long battle so be sure to have your mobile charged! Good luck.

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