Ursena recommended line up (Normal)

What would be a good lineup for Ursena normal mode? I was thinking of taking Proteus but I think my main concern should be her normal attacks but not her special. Here is my roster on my main as of right now:

I hope RNG gives you more healers soon :slight_smile:

I would try Belith / Cyprian / Sumitomo / Grimm / Proteus in fact. I agree that mana control is not so important for Ursena, but you don’t have so many choices…

an attack debuffer or a defense buffer would be nice additions too.

better yet, wait a while. Li Xiu and Hu Tao and Sonya could all be good choices to bring, and a future lineup of Belith / Li / Chao / Hu / Sonya might work. mana control + blind, and two dispellers to let your yellows use their skills safely


@sleepyhead My alt got a couple of the good healers. Alt got Boldtusk, Kashhrek, and Sabina. I still got a while before I hit the final area anyway. Still in province 16 atm. Might wait until the Atlantis Rises comes around for September before making any progress. Ideal healer/buffer for that fight that I would ABSOLUTELY love to have would be Kiril. I would be really giddy if I got him out of an Elite camp. I am also in the middle of trying to get a purple and blue mana troop just to round out the mana troop colors. As soon as Brienne is fully emblemed, then I will work on Belith.


Yea @Aunty_Krauser, I got rather lucky and pulled Kiril sooner rather than later. At the time I didn’t even know what I had, just that he was a beer drinking dwarf and that was all I needed. Maxed him out as fast as I could :joy:

I’ve been pretty lucky with healers overall too. But when I was summoning them I was less than happy…dang you RNGesus, ANOTHER healer!!

Kiril (or Boldy) would be very helpful. I went healer heavy against Ursena. Worked out pretty well, especially that end fight after the 1st fight. Good Luck!!


@PapaHeavy Yeah, it is the titan round that I am mostly worried about. Because I have watched runs of it and it does seem like her normal attacks are the main thing to worry about because she hits so hard. I just wish I had Kiril and Wilbur mainly. If I had to pick from all the heroes my ideal lineup would be Hel, Ranvir, Joon, Kiril, and Wilbur. Or if I were to go mono red then Boldtusk, Wilbur, G. Falcon, Kalile, G. Kong.

I ran it with 2 healers and 3 hitters. The healing is extremely helpful. It can be a protracted fight so I’m glad I had them along. I’m also I was glad I was ready for the Titan battle thanks to these forums or I would have had a very tough go of it.

Good Luck!!!

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