Queen of Hearts compared to Inari

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I just wonder - correct me if I am wrong - If you get 2 Queen of Hearts in wing positions, and they manage to cast the minions, then I cannot target anyone at all till I kill these 2 minions (one each) using just a tile damage. That would must have been a very lucky shot with tiles pointing to a far wing position. Basically game over - no chance.

Then if we compare to Inari - She was (before she was put into production) reduced from something like 75% protection to 56% and duration from 4 to 3 with explanation that she was too strong.

This all sounds now as a bad joke for what from extremely squishy Inari removed, can now with 100% chance to dodge and with an average speed be achieved by the Queen of Hearts.
You cannot even target any of these 2 Queens using any existing minion killer. That sounds all as a strange, very strange concept.


What are your thoughts?


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If I understand you correctly, you are talking about inari becoming obsolette with introduction of queen, right?
Inari & queen have different purposes. Inari is a titan slayer, her ulti + arrows makes you forget about titan ulti. And she is very squishy as a defender. (Maybe not, I can see her on 4 position with boss wolf or purple hotm healers in center).
And queen is great in defence, especially against aoe hitters, who cant fire with her companion alive. Also, you mention defence setup with two queens, and this needs a lot of diamond invest, or devils luck, wich i’d spend in casino or lottery.

I don’t think you quite understand QoH correctly- you can (and have to) target the queen with specials which results in damage and killing of the minion (though can be tough because of the 74% defense boost). I haven’t encountered 2 queens- but my guess is you would have to target whichever fired her special first and then the next one. The Queen and Inari actually have potential for great synergy together as Inari will help her dodge, give her mana building minions and help protect that card minion and so force you to keep missing the Queen- can’t wait to see that.

I would also add that once Queen gets going she will help Inari survive as well- they are great together- if anything Queen makes Inari a lot better

Technicaly speaking, you are wrong. Logic is right, but we need to follow what the card say.

Queen1 (left Wing position): Taunt prevents enemies from using their Special Skill on minion’s owner allies. (Meaning Queen1 allies - including Queen2)

Queen2 (right Wing position): Taunt prevents enemies from using their Special Skill on minion’s owner allies. (Meaning Queen2 allies - including Queen1)

Then you cannot use any Special Skill on anyone - including Queen1 and Queen2.

Do you understand it now?


Quick, someone test this theory!


I got a notification for this thread and no idea why…i dont even have these heros lol


What about your thoughts of the problem and questionable resolution of the taunt spell :slight_smile:

I thought the minion just makes QoH the only hero on the team that can be hit by special skills?

There’s many flaws in it, specifically:

  1. people suppose to upgrade 2 queens instead of some other red (which i don’t think anyone would)

  2. in defence 2 queens at wings very probably summon their card when others are already dead and people must target them the same. Flanks will be better.

  3. they must charge at the same time or back to back. Not so easy.

In attack it’s totally possible, still in attack i think one is more then enough.

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Taunt prevents special skills on minion owners allies, logically two Queen of hearts would then prevent the use of special skills on others except the Queens.
So the two Queens are still vulnerable, unless they are side by side in formation in which case the coverage only applies to 4 heroes and not the entire 5.

One Queen protects the other, vice versa. They are not vulnerable any more. It’s with 99% probability game over (unless someone casts 50 diamonds combo or something like that).

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So based on @nes’s assessment, if both QoH have their specials active, you’d have to rely on just tile damage to finish off her allies or the queens.

However, I do not think the special is not dispellable, would a non-targeting special like Melendor / Sabina remove the taunts?

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Guess that is why the Captain of Diamond is necessary, to counter the QoH, makes the combo less formidable.

Oh i see what you’re saying. Yea SG may need a clause to that effect. If i pulled 2 queens, i probably would max just for the heck of it. Have more rings than i can use and may never be able to use lol. 16 months and 2 red 5* heros so definitely an interesting thought

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Not at all, you just need one turn.

Let’s suppose they are both with their cards and you stack 3 blues.

You send tiles to one queen and kill her card, at the same time charge your 3 heroes, use one special to kill the 2nd card and the other two to kill whatever you want.

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They are both in a far wing positions and you have 3 Mother North in front of them :wink: How about that :slight_smile:

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I don’t imagine that’s how it works, simply because I don’t think the defending AI would know what to do in that type of situation, and would have to fire off a special somewhere (I do understand what you mean though, used to work like that with cards in magic), if they don’t fire… yeah, that’s a problem. As for a defensive option, I don’t think it’s game over there, tiles still work just fine and it’s not like Queen puts out massive damage amounts.

I just stack 3 reds, kill all the mothers and care less of the queen, lol.

Just use tiles for them later.

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I think we’ll have to encounter this situation in real play to have a concrete idea

Think i’m more in a “wait, see, then raise alarm if needed” state of mind

If it becomes an issue, i’m 95% positive devs will come up with some kind of solution. Wish this was able to be tested in beta but the event was tested and hatter’s boss skill is still broke so not much good it did

lol you take it to details. Ok you do Queen1-MN-Kiril(or Ariel)-MN-Queen2
Then you try to stack. I mean without Special there is a game over. If not why there was so much moaning about Inari being so strong :slight_smile:

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