Queen of Hearts compared to Inari

You miss the whole point.
First is that charge them togheter is much more difficult of what you think.
Second is that this “invulnerability” is up only when there’s two different cards. Meaning that you just need to kill 1 CARD with tiles to allow all your specials to target the other card.

It’s really easy to dispel this tactic.

Mate, you do not dispel minions. You really need to kill the minion using a tile damage - kill wing minion is like hitting a bull eye from 5km distance. Not very likely.

Playing advocate here, what happens as an attacking team when you charge them both at the same time… I believe there is a mechanic in place where the defenders either have a special and can use it or they don’t and they can use a normal attack… if for instance all the event bosses had specials up, but you fired both queens… that could lock them out of using specials, which would also lock them out of making standard attacks. I certainly hope that’s not the case, but I can see the issue there if it’s true.

It wouldnt lock them out of using specials though

It would just only allow them to target the queens with specials. My guess is with double queens active, the taunt fired second would overwrite the other. Not 100% sure tho

@Petri u guys think about this scenario yet?

Yes, as i said before the real “issue” comes if you intend to use both in attack. I personally think it is crazy to use 12 rings just for that, but in that case i think it is legit that attacker can’t be hit unless is a normal attack.

Am I missing something? The card says minion owner allies. If both QoHs have minions they are both minion owners. I think they both will be hittable.


Random thought on this was does or doesn’t beta allow multiple (same) heroes.

Haha, no, I don’t think you’re missing anything, I think you have it perfectly right, which is what I assumed had to be the case, but the wording on the card does leave a bit of… uncertainty.

The only minion owners with taunt would be allies so that’s the catch people are lookin at.

Would the game mechanics recognize the taunt owners as individual minion owners that can be targeted or allies to minion owners that can’t be targeted is the big question of the day

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Queen1 is the owner of Queen1 minion and Queen2 is the owner of Queen2 minion. How can you be an owner of something which is not with you and was summoned by someone else?

Only get 1
20 char…

It says something like “protect the ally of the hero which call him” or something like that, in italian.

So if both call him, they are both protected.

I have seen “allies” on cards, but not minion “owners”.

Could change.

Eh, could be interpreted that way. It’ll be a while before that can be tested. Unless someone wants to give me 2 QoHs and 2 D Blades

Can someone tell me why I got notified of this thread?

I assumed you tested this in Beta. Just a lucky guess, maybe wrong.

Same reason i did??

:man_shrugging: no clue

From a programming standpoint, I’d think it would be much easier to have it be:

Special is fired by attacking team.
Check if a card minion exists.
If yes, check to see if the hero the special was used on has a card minion.
If yes, allow attack. If no, hero is immune.

If that’s the case, then either queen would be vulnerable.

Interesting question, though. I’d like to see it actually play out.


Wanted your thoughtful ideas. It was me :slight_smile:

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You mean there’s new heros you didnt get?

Is that a first?

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