Defence Team Opinion Needed

G’day champs, need your vote on the following options :
Option A (what I currently run)

Or option B idea (meaning max Vela and strip wolf of emblems)

My theory with option B idea is it will attract purple and red (unless they run mono on it) and Vela could really shine.

Appreciate your thoughts as always :slight_smile:

Both viable… A I’d reroll, B I’d take my chances.

Stick with A.


Definately option B. Maybe use Magni until your Vela is on full power.

Another option would be to change Zelines and Gravemakers position. But I think both options are equally good.

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For the current situation, Bubbles might be right, both are very viable. But I think overall Vela is much the much better hero compared to Boss Wolf. She is much more useful in wars and tournaments also. So I think stripping away his emblems and give them to Vela is a good choice. And then Option B will be stronger.

Vela seems bang average for a HOTM.

Boss Wolf is the most durable tank in the game and IIRC registered the best win% at tank according to official stats.

For a defence team, having the best tank in the game is, naturally, an advantage…

Boss might be fairly useless besides defence and a newer player might find it worth using the emblems on a more all-round hero to begin with - a guy with +18’s on his 5* hero’s doesn’t necessarily need to.

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I doubt that Boss Wolf is the best tank in game. Would be curious of the sample size behind that stats and how old they are. Maybe he used to be, but I barely see him being used in the high ranks nowadays. He is good for sure. But Ursena, Kunchen and Guinivere can definately keep up with him… taking his very low mana speed into account. But anyway, a good def team is more than just having a good tank so it’s hard to define THE best tank in the game objectively.

Absolutely… A good defence is about a team that works together great.
Building the ultimate defence team requires picking a great tank and building a team around them, the tank is the anchor and it matters that you have a great one.

Boss is way up there - his rarity is the main reason you don’t see him more (same for BK and Yunan, two other stellar tanks), but I do see him in high ranks and he gives me more problems than Kunch or Guin.
Stats say he’s #1, that may be debatable but you’ll find very few top players that put him outside top 5.

Drake’s a great flank, he doesn’t scare me at tank… Defence A here is far more troublesome than defence B.

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You could also try GM at tank. Seshat, zeline, GM, Vela, Drake

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I’d target that all day long, FWIW.

Zel magni drake sesh grave

My vote.

I’d definitely keep the A defense, but I’d also switch some positions.

Zeline - Gravemaker - Boss Wolf - Drake Fong - Magni

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I have tried that out and it was pretty decent, but cups seem to always hold best with Boss in tank

Also have Ariel at tier 17 but I don’t believe in running more then 1 passive hero on defence (boss and ariel)

For me A is waaaayyy scarier.


Thanks heaps for your input mate, fingers crossed Finley comes my way and I can replace Magni

Thanks for the suggestion! I run zeline flank mainly to limit dispelling options if thry were to bring red again that team

Hmmm Ariel is a special healer but there’s also some S/S overlap… I wouldn’t.

I’ve found similar with my own defence - BK (tank) being passive I run better with damage dealers in all other spots… Notleast because my only 5* healer is Vivica, IMHO she can only really run flank in my team and with BK attack boost I want some damage in that spot.

How about

Sesh Zeli Grave Vela Drake


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This game never ceases to surprise me… It just threw you up at me! Normally I’d reroll that defence but decided to give it a go just because of the freaky coincidence (expected to lose atleast once, if not twice or thrice).

Due to a freakishly good board, I owe you an apology…
When I get my reds charged early (BK, Wilbur, G.Kong) I very rarely lose and the board gifted me a red diamond on turn one, followed by a blue diamond on turn two (was packing Isarnia and Alice as my other two attackers) - attack up to +145% and fired Kong and Isarnia, everything drops in a single turn.

Edit: this is often my regular raid attack anyway - sometimes change up the two (to line up against the biggest threat on defence)…
Against riposte I always use the Wilbur/BK/Kong theesome because I can charge up team attack by throwing tiles into riposte (with BK/Wilbur fired) and then cross fingers that subsequent boosted attack wipes out the enemy - it all comes down to getting a decent board to play with.

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Option A is much stronger but you could be taking advantage of magni better.

So my vote is: zeline drake boss magni grave

The sole evaluation criterion is your defense performance so, give each if the options a go and see for yourself

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