Puss in Boots or Lady Loki

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this is the question. I have as minion summoners Seshat, Buddy and Freya (3/70 now).
Which of them would be more fun to play? Puss is a good supporter with meatshield, HoT and attackbuff. Lady is unique and maybe a good teammate for the Hatter.
What are your thoughts? What do you think?
Thanks a lot!

Hey there,

Freya and Seshat would be great fun together. Buddy is good but he’s a bit squishy, even with minions.

I would say Freya with any purple would be fun to play.

Edited: sorry missed commenting on Lady Loki, she’s awesome. If you have her she would be a priority hero to max, given all the status ailments that can be cast nowadays.

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I find Lady Loki extremely good. She takes the fear of GM, Clarrissa, Sartana, Azlar and Vela.

I don’t have Lady Loki, but going up against Puss on defense isn’t too hard to get around. Only time I was cursing his name was when I came up against an entire minion team. I think it was

Seshat - Puss - Telly - Freya - Delilah

I did win on my first try through, but it took a looonnnng time. If you had more minion heroes, I’d say go for Puss but Lady Loki may be more fun to play around with.

Both are interesting in their own ways.

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These are great thoughts you share. I was absolut not sure but it looks to make more sense to lvl up Lady Loki.
I thank you a lot!

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