Hel or Ursena

i got both of them in a back to back pull today, my first purple 5*. my problem is that i don’t know who to max out. only have tabards for one. I have proteus leveled with 13 level emblems. in my DF team i use Viv, Magni, Santa, Drake, Greg. should i go with Hel for my DT or should i go with Ursena for my defence/raid/titan team. Oh, and i don’t have any other sorcerer heroes leveled so i have about 180 sorcerer emblems. Tnx:)


Hel. She’s the best hero in the game.


Hel. No question. Ursena does have some situational use, but Hel can dominate anywhere and everywhere.


Hel, no doubt about it… Hel and her little brother, Proteus are just amazing.


Hel it is:) thank you all

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I’m not saying that you should max Ursena over Hel, but what I am saying is… you have a lot of reasons to do just that, Santa with Ursena could be massive amounts of damage and you have Pro with emblems already, who is pretty much Hel light … Hel is the better all around hero, but you’ll be fine either way, if you want to max Ursena, and give her some emblems… go for it.


I wanted to be unanimous:) yeah, i know but still don’t know. Maybe I’ll take them to 3/70 both and then I’ll decide.

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Taking them both to 3/70 still costs rare ascension mats. I don’t know how many you have, but remember you need 4 trap tools to get to 3/70 and then you will need 4 more for final ascension. So, if you take both to 3/70 and ascend one of them, that is 12 trap tools.

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Agreed, as someone with an emblemed Proteus I’d rather max Ursena – she has some unique properties. Hel is very strong but truthfully I find her overrated, she is not difficult to work around on defense and 3 turns go faster than you think.

For what it’s worth, I end up using Merlin more often than Proteus because he neutralizes specials instead of delaying them (albeit on one target vs three).

I have leveled hansel, gretel, proteus and merlin. And 2 proteus and 2 more hansels waiting on the bench

I have 25 trap tools and 8 tabards.

Yeah same situation here except Hansel eludes me. If I pulled Hel, I think I would level Ursena first.

I’m going to wait until Seshat drops in July before I max a second Dark 5* (recently finished Khiona), but Ursena may be useful against titans even at 3/70.

True. She could be enough for titans on 3/70. And i have leveled tarlak.

Same thing happened to me. It’s really not a question at this point, Hel 100%


Same question… especially my situation is I have all altantis family… that 20 percent is great… what do you think? I have hel too…at 3/70 but hey ursena pop out… lol

Well, at 3/70…go with Hel

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Take both to 3/70 and decide whichever option, you will still need to take them to 3/70 on the way to max. Imo they both appear to function uniquely differently, and their fictions would serve you differently on different occasions.

Proteus doesn’t do a direct damage, so in wizard class, he is a little below par., besides, emblems or not on attack, he dies so quickly if the boards are not so favorable, whereas on defense he is just a minus , I usually paired him with Kunchen on attack to keep him alive if and if I could charge Kunchen in time for the elemental def buff.

However, Hel, with Emblem, the Wizard class makes her direct damage just perfect., and much likely to stay alive than Proteus. She is good for defense, but better on attack where you have more control.

On Ursena, I figure her being good on defense and also if paired with other Atlantis family will receive additional boost, her stats are very decent, also would be a niche against holy Titans.

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Definitely Hel. Personally, I consider her to be the best hero in the game because of her special skill :kissing_heart:


I will put both at 3/70 till i figure out what i need next. thanks for all response. I will wait since i have lots of leveling to do. getting to 4/80 is like month of work… planning on training 19… what you all have feedback on training camp 19?

TC19 training in a massive amount generates a lot of feeders and will burn through a lot of food fast. I usually save up food and recruits in TC20 and save rugged clothes until I can do at least a few hundred at a time. 1* don’t give much experience so I think it is better to use on lower level heroes to quickly bring them up. Those 1* don’t move a 5* max ascended very far…

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