Which purple hero to max first

Aloha. After months of waiting I finally got a 6th tabard. Ment them for Kinchen, but since than I have pulled Hel, Ursena and Sechat. Who should use the tabards on? Any input would be truly appreciated.

Kunchen if you need a healer. Hel if you don’t

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I have sabina and regard×2 for healers. So Hel before Sechat?

Hel is a more impactful hero, I find, especially as you didn’t mention having Proteus. The ability to lock down 3 foe’s mana is huge, especially in challenge events and class trials.


I don’t know much about Seshat yet (I’m maxing her myself right now) but I know Hel’s a game-changer that can turn the tide in Raids.

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Ok thx guys really appreciate the feed back. Looks as if Hel is maxing out next. And yes I do have Porteus, but hes been on my bench while i focused on sartana and Kate. Thx again peace

Focus sartana over proteus? :thinking:
who is Kate?

Maybe a picture of your roster would shed some light on your question.

Kate must be the long lost sitter of Kage. Probably taking his place while he is out selling burritos


Now I can’t stop thinking of a female Kage. Sounds badass af :thinking:


Kunchin for healer-tank then Seshat, hel, Ursena

I have Kunchen and Hel maxed, although got Kún before Hel, looking at both now I would have still maxed Kunchen first, he had proved fantastic on my defense and surprisingly amazing even on offense…
This is just from my perspective…

Hahaha, yea I meant kage:-) sartana was my first purple (maxed) Kate is at 4/50 but will be maxed, couple days. Kun 3/70, Hel 3/50 and sechat, ursena, Quintus, thoth, and domitia all at 1/1. Thx for the feed back and the laughs.

Kage* autocorrect wants to make him a kate:-)

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