Next Purple Project

Hi everyone, i’m there for a suggestion: i need to decide my next purple project.

Here the situation:

Kunchen 4.80
Proteus: 4.70+6
Tibutus: 4.70+6

Seshat: 2.60
Obakan: 2.60
Merlin: 3.43

2nd Seshat
3rd Seshat
2nd Proteus
Cheshire Cat

I’m unfortunately low on purple AM, I just got my 4th trap tool and because I just finished Kunchen i have to decide what next.

I’m thinking Seshat to 3.70, but maybe another maxed 4? like Ringard or Sabina(for dispell and class quest). Or maybe another one?

My other colors maxed heroes are:
yellow: Joon, Jackal, Wu Kong, Inari 3.70 (she will wait)

blue: Kiril, Sonja, Grimm, Richard 3.70 (if i don’t get Miki he’ll go to max)

green: Melendor, Hansel, Caedmon, Skittleskull, working on second Melendor too.

red: Boltusk, Gormek, Wilbur, Mitsuko 3.70 (missing the last rings)

Thaks everyone on the suggestions!

I’d hold on Seshat as you lack the 8 trap tools necessary to max her (and I’m guessing you may not have 6 tabards either). I’d opt for a hero you can max now, as that will give you the most utility fastest, and for the longest time.

What is your shortcoming when you use your purple team? Titans? Can’t kill a yellow tank? Not enough for war? Is there a trial you’re struggling with where one of the heroes you list could step in?
The answer to these sorts of questions would guide my decision.


Finish Merlin out first. After him I’d probably do Rigard even though you’ve got Kunchen…never have enough healers come war time

Nice arguments.

Yeah i feel like i’m missing tile damage with yellow tanks.

I’m not doing great with yellow titans too (not that bad)

And Sabina will probably help for quests. Scorcere healer and debuffer could be really useful there.

Now the problem his if I have to look at tile damage Ameonna can be a choice for titans too. But right now raiding in diamon maybe a 3.70 Seshat could be more valuable for a stack versus Guin, and also cause i’m lacking in fast snipers (only have Joon)

Sabina will be perfect for quest and maybe a good addiction to the war roster, but right now i have a good amount of healer for ma main teams, need more hitter too

Only thing about Seshat that i can’t go all the way to max cause as you said i miss traptools and tabads too

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Cool, good thoughts!

I’d go Sabina. It sounds like she’ll provide good usage in titans, war, and trials, while also boosting your tile damage against yellow tanks. Yes, Ameonna would do more tile damage against titans, but she won’t be as valuable in raids. I’d go for the greater utility hero now (Sabina) and then come back for the more niche tool (Ameonna) later, if you have ample trap tools and feeders. Healers are just so valuable, and it’s not like her tiles are poor.


My vote is for Sabina and since you might not get any tabards for a while, go do Merlin after Sabina.

Most definitely Rigard since you are out of tabards after Kunchen.
Trap tools come by quite easily.

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