Please help building my team!

I need a help on which hero to focus on next. I don’t have many 5* heroes, yet. I don’t know why I only get blue and purple 5s xD. I’m in Platinum cup and it’s very hard to become Diamond without fully leveled 5s. I’m currently waiting for one more tabard for Hel…or Kunchen?
Should I start leveling up 5* heroes even though I don’t have mats yet or just keep working on other 4* heroes? Then which 4* heroes should I keep?
I’m going to finish leveling Arman and not sure if I need to level anymore 3* or just eat them.

Thank you for your help!!

Mele Ariel Hel Chao Scarly

And feed away all those dupes.
You don’t need more than 2 of each.


Hel, but you already have Proteus, and Kunchen is great Tank candidate.
But Hel is for overall use, so I prefer ascend Hel 1st.

Red: well,… IMO Colen is good specially at Rush Attack Tournament. And I prefer variety 1st before leveling dup.
Blue: Ascend Grimm and Sonya, if no mats then Triton, or 2nd Grimm and 2nd Sonya (for war)
Green: Finish Gaderius, Muggy, Hissan, 2nd Melendor (for war)
Yellow: Hu Tao is also good at Tush Attack Tournament.
Purple: Hel, Kunchen, BW.


Is that for the raid defense team?

Yo, all other teams will be composed situational to counter the enemies.

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