Purple chests


Hi, i’m now playing for a few months and had maybe 2 ore 3 purple chests… do you get them random ore do you have to do something to get them ?


They are random. Pretty luck to have gotten 2 or 3 in a few months. They usually occur about once every 1-2 months.


Yes but we in my alliance are doubting about if its random ore not because one of the persons in our alliance get them a lot


They are either lying or extremely lucky.


In the first 2 weeks, I got 2 of them, so I thought, they are a weekly thing. Then, the next 9 or 10 weeks nothing and I learned, they are super rare. And last Sunday I got my third.


When I am clearing all of my Wanted chests often, I seem to get them more often. Haven’t had any in a while now, but I’ve been neglecting the Raid chest, so that may affect it:



I was lucky to get 2 in 2 weeks a couple of time, but usually one in a month, filling the chests every day.


I have had two normally raid chests turn into elemental chests recently - so I do think they are intertwined somehow.

One time I had an open normal monster quest, a fire chest in the raid slot, and the Umbar quest (which is fire based). Talk about luck! Three for one!


I work under the assumption that each wanted chest has a chance to be rare, and push through the wanted mission as quickly as I can. I have no idea if that’s right or not.


I fill the monster chest twice in 24 hours when I can, but don’t now how much it effect the chance of getting a elemental chest.


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As far as anyone knows, it is random for when you will pull one of the rare elemental wanted chests. But it stands to reason that the more chests you open, the more chances you have of winning that lotto and getting one!

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