Elemental Quest Frequency and Tracking

HI everyone,

It seems like we were receiving elemental quests at least once a week and I’m pretty sure a week has passed since one has spawned. They seemed to crop up over the weekends which is why I suspect they were on a weekly timer/cycle.

If anyone has a more exact time when one spawned last and what color it was please post in this thread. I believe it was a Fire quest, the “erupting volcano”?

Let’s also keep track of them in this thread so we can develop an accurate picture of type and spawning frequency.

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I have received one Purple sense the update released. It came two days after the release.

My son has also received one in the same time frame. He also received a Purple (Dark) and his came eight days after the release.

I was getting quests about once ever 2 or 3 days before the patch. And I’ve received none since. That being said, RNG has been kind to me in other ways, I got Hel early on, and now she’s 2^ and level 60.

I received 2 chests early on, about 3 days apart. Then a new one 3 days ago (maybe 8-9 days after the last?)

3 total so far…

I’ve had 3 all spaced over a week apart

what is an elemental quest? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one.

The Rare wanted missions

Oooh, the wanted chests. Yeah I have gotten 1 of those. They seem awfully rare.

I thought you were talking about something in the quest map. I remember when I first started playing the game they had something special going with hunting eggs and rabbits. I wish they’d bring back something similar to that in the quest area.


I’d also like another event. I was new and missed most as I was under level 10 during most of it

Same experience here - 3 so far (if I remember correctly) Dark, Holy, Nature (?) maybe? I have bad memory :unamused:

A Rare, elemental Quest, “Frostmarch”, dropped yesterday.

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I have gotten only one special chest. Been playing for maybe 2months. I play a lot and multiple times everyday.

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Mount Umber is up, after just having Frost March Twice a couple of days apart. But I don’t understand why they include SO many mats that I have tons of.

I’ve left off the first mission, but for the following 4:

2 - Rugged Clothes, I have 600+
2 - Arcane Scripts, I have 130+
3 - Dagger, I have 145 of these, I don’t need these.
3 - Leather Armor, I have 175 of these, I don’t need these
4 - Sharpening Stone, I have 146 of these, I don’t need these
4 - Chainmail Shirt, I have 27, I can get them from provinces, I do not need these. But I’m sure they’re helpful for people
5 - Battle Manual, I have 20, I will eventually need these.
5 - Damascus Blade, I have 3 I need these, I will always need these

But stop watches and hidden blade, other things useful for all/ fire heroes are missing.

I would recommend getting rid of the tier one rewards, and swapping to the following:

1 - Rugged Clothes
1 - Arcane Scripts
2 - Dagger
2 - Leather Armor
3 - Sharpening Stone
3 - Chainmail Shirt
4 - Stopwatch
4 - Hidden Blade
5 - Battle Manual
5 - Damascus Blade

To me this seems like it makes more sense, as it includes items you’ll need leveling a fire hero.


I miss he darn boots in the mission! And hidden blade would be nice.
All my heros are waiting for 2 boots to ascend. Everyone of them.

I found both Boots and Chainmail Shirt on the map (farmed 12-2 and 12-6 mostly), but I’ve heard these are REALLY hard to find. Maybe make them easier to drop or add them as Penari and Vigor suggest?


I can see I wrote in this thread 23 days ago. Still no rare chests. Are they still out there? I have only gotten one in total. How often are you getting them?

If you mean rare Elemental Wanted chests, I just got another (holy) one a few days ago. Their frequency seems tied to how often I fill (all?) of my Wanted chests (Monster, Raid, Titan)…

I think I’m at 5 of them now.

Yes, I mean them. I play multiple times every day and fill my chests very day. But just one elemental chest altogether. :confused:

Over what time period and did you accelerate chests at all with gems?

I’ve had one so far and it was pretty early having played now for ~13 days.

I think I accelerated the monster chests twice only, and with about 2 gems apiece (when they were about to roll over any way).

Hope this helps!