Special Quest Spawns


So, there is a lot of confusion regarding the difference between the Chest Missions, which are usually monsters or heroes, but sometimes “rare” elemental chests where you have to defeat 150 monsters or heroes of one element, and special, elemental Quests you find by tapping on the Quest banner that used to spawn about once a week among the more common quests such as “Find Battle Items” or “Gather Food” which are the two Quests currently up.

Another note, everyone across the game gets the same quests at the same time, unlike Rare, elemental chests which spawn randomly for each player individually.

What is important about the elemental quests is that they were the one reliable source of rare ascension materials in the game. I started another thread, which I hope is merged with this one, to track the frequency of these Elemental Quest spawns so the players can get an idea of weather SG is slowing down progress for players relying on these spawns, or speeding up, or holding steady.

Whenever someone notices a rare, elemental quest spawn please post the time and date here. I think it will be really interesting to see how the stats on this particular content in the game develops over time.