Elemental chest rng

Sorry if this needs to be moved, but I remember reading that it was technically possible to draw 2 elemental chests at the same time, I was curious if this has been changed or nerfed, because I’m in my 4+ months of playing stage and I’m pretty sure if it happened fellow forum members would of posted it, I know I would! So my question is, is 2 elemental chests popping at same time possible? If it is, has anyone got recent proof of such a mythical incident? Please link in the staff or mods if you know their tags! Thank you

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I play since September 2017 and never has 2 together. Closest was 3 days interval

I’ve seen a pic on the forum somewhere, of 2 chests but it was ages ago when it was posted! So not sure if it’s even possible now

From what i remember it was fake.

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